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Greatest secure rugs for preserving your horse heat this winter

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  • There’s nothing more cosy and inviting than one of the best stable rugs on a cold evening. With horses less able to create their own warmth from movement in a stable, it’s important to make sure they can stay warm and regulate their temperature. For this reason, choosing the right fill weight for the temperature – or right number of layers – is essential.

    The general rule is that your horse would benefit from a slightly heavier rug in the stable than he would in the field in the same conditions. So if he would be most comfortable in a lightweight turnout in the field, you should consider a medium weight stable rug. Having a selection of options is ideal, but layering up is another way around this.

    When you’re choosing the best stable rug for your horse, you should also consider whether you want a neck and what fastenings you prefer. T-bar fastenings are common as they are quick and easy, whereas buckles offer adjustability. The gold standard is a combination of buckles and clips, which allows you to find the perfect fit and then fasten quickly and easily. Other features to look out for in the best stable rugs are anti-rub linings, pressure-relieving with pads and shoulder gussets to offer freedom of movement.

    Best stable rugs in a range of fill weights

    Bucas Quilts

    Fill: 50g, 150g or 300g | Style: Standard neck with attachments | Sizes: 4ft9in – 7ft3in | Colours: Navy | RRP: From £99 for 50g |

    The Bucas Quilt can be used on its own or as an extra layer underneath a turnout. It features attachments so that you can purchase an optional neck in standard shape or ‘big neck version’, which is suitable for stallions or breed with wider shoulders. The rug is available with a choice of two linings – Stay-Dry (SD) or Silk-Feel (SF). The SD version can be put on a wet horse and the lining will wick the moisture away and help your horse dry faster, while the SF also wicks away the moisture but at a slower rate but keeps the coat silky smooth.

    View the 150g SD at, or
    View the 150g SF at,, or
    View the 300g SD at
    View the 300g SF at

    Shires Tempest Plus

    Shires Tempest Plus

    Fill: 0g, 100g, 200g | Style: Standard or combo (100/200g) neck | Outer: 1200D | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft | Colours: Navy (0g), green (100g) or red (200g) | RRP: From £51.99 for 0g |

    These stable rugs have seriously durable outers and SupaFleece trims for a luxurious feel. Both the standard neck and combo versions have buckle fastenings at the chest, adjustable cross surcingles, fillet string and a tail flap.

    View the 0g at or
    View the 100g standard at or
    View the 100g combo at or
    View the 200g standard at, or
    View the 200g combo at, or

    Hy StormX Original Stable Rug

    Hy StormX Original Stable Rug

    Fill: 100g, 200g, 300g | Style: Standard or combo neck | Outer: 210D | Sizes: 4ft6in – 7ft3in | Colours: Wide range | RRP: From £44.99 (for 100g standard neck) |

    This rug is available in a range of weight, colours and fun prints, including Thelwell designs. It features a fleece-lined wither area, adjustable cross surcingles, twin buckle chest fastenings, fillet string and tail flap.

    View 100g standard neck now at, or
    View 100g combo neck now at, or
    View 200g standard neck now at, or
    View 200g combo neck now at, or
    View 300g standard neck now at or
    View 300g combo neck now at

    WeatherBeeta ComFiTec PP Channel Quilt II

    WeatherBeeta ComFiTec PP Channel Quilt II

    Fill: 220g, 360g | Style: Detachable (220g) or combo (360g)neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 5ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Maroon or navy | RRP: £109.99 |

    This technical stable rug is compatible with WeatherBeeta liners, which makes it really versatile. It features a memory foam wither relief pad that contours to the horses shape and lifts the rug off the withers to reduce rubbing and provide added comfort, plus an easy clip front closure. It also has traditional side gussets for natural movement, twin low cross surcingles and tail cord.

    View the 220g now at, or
    View the 360g now at,,, or

    Swish Equestrian detachable neck stable rug

    Swish Equestrian Stable Rug

    Fill: 50g, 100g, 200g or 360g | Style: Detachable neck | Sizes: 4ft3in – 7ft6in | Colours: Mulberry, green, red, pink, orange or blue | RRP: From £72.99 (for 50g) |

    Available in a range of fill weights, this Swish stable rug can be used with or without the detachable neck cover. It has liner attachments so compatible liners can be added to increase warmth throughout the colder weather. It has large shoulder gussets, cross surcingles and a tail flap. The rug is designed to sit higher on the neck and shoulders to prevent slipping and rubbing, while soft nylon lining also has anti-slip darts on the quarters.

    View the 50g now at
    View the 100g now at
    View the 200g now at
    View the 360g now at

    Masta Snugmasta Heavyweight Stable Rug

    Masta Snugmasta Heavyweight Stable Rug

    Fill: 350g | Style: Combo neck | Outer: 400D | Sizes: 4ft 9in – 7ft 6in | Colours: Burgundy | RRP: £95 |

    This stable rug features an integrated neck cover that offers full coverage and provides pressure relief at the withers. It is made from a breathable fabric that keeps your horse while preventing over heating, while the lofty structure creates air pockets to trap heat and allows air to circulate. The anti-rub polyester lining helps reduce rubbing and keep the coat in good condition. Other features include twin buckle fastenings at the chest, touch-tape fastenings to the neck, plus cross surcingles and a fillet string.

    View now at

    Mark Todd Lightweight Quilted Stable Rug

    Mark Todd Lightweight Quilted Stable Rug

    Fill: 150g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 300D | Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft | Colours: Navy | RRP: £59.99 |

    This stable rug features adjustable double front buckles and touch-tape fastening. It also has adjustable cross surcingles, reinforced nylon anti-rub shoulders, fleece wither protection and a fillet string.

    View now at,, or

    Whitaker Rastrick combo stable rug

    Whitaker Rastrick Stable Rugs

    Fill: 200g, 250g | Style: Standard (200g) or combo (250g) neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 4ft9in – 7ft | Colours: Red/blue | RRP: £34.95 for 200g standard, £49.95 for 250g combo |

    This medium weight rug has contrast red and navy binding with reflective ribbon woven through. Both weights feature fleece wither protection, double adjustable trigger clip chest fastenings and cross surcingles, while the detachable hood (on the 250g), which is shaped around the head, attaches via D-rings and elasticated Velcro.

    View the 200g now at,, or
    View the 250g now at,, or

    JHL Essential stable rug

    JHL Essential Stable Rug

    Fill: 250g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 600D | Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft | Colours: Black/burgundy | RRP: £49.99 |

    This stable rug has a 600D polyester outer, nylon lining, adjustable double front buckles and low cross surcingles. It also features reinforced nylon anti-rub shoulders, fleece wither protection and shoulder gussets for additional movement.

    View now at

    Ruggles 50g lightweight stable rug with fleece collar

    Ruggles Stable Rug With Fleece Collar

    Fill: 50g, 100g, 200g, 400g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 420D | Sizes: 2ft9in – 7ft6in | Colours: Range of colours | RRP: From £51 (for 50g) |

    This smart stable rug from Ruggles has a soft polyester lining to help prevent rubbing and keep the coat smooth. It features double adjustable surcingles and has a generous tail flap and a fillet string to stop the back end of the rug from moving. The chest fastens with double adjustable chest straps and quick-release clips, while the generous shoulder gussets allow easier movement, which in turn creates less friction and reduces the chance of rubbing.

    View now at

    Ponyo Stable Rug

    Ponyo Horsewear stable rug

    Fill: 100g, 250g or 300g | Style: Detachable neck | Outer: 300D | Sizes: 3ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Wide range of fun patterns | RRP: From £55 |

    This fun stable rug comes with a handy detachable neck. It has the same fit and features as the Ponyo turnouts, but is made from a cosy and durable cotton polyester mix. The outer fabric is soft, tough and breathable, while the interior features a soft lining to reduce any rubbing.

    Dominick Stable Rug

    Thermatex TSR

    Fill: ≈200–250g | Style: Standard neck | Outer: 1000D | Sizes: 4ft – 7ft3in | Colours: Navy, black, green or grey, with 26 binding options | RRP: From £241.70 |

    Manufactured in Britain using the same high performance wicking fabric as the iconic Thermatex coolers, the TSR has an outer layer of ballistic nylon for durability. This outer layer also has a Teflon coating, which helps prevent moisture from being absorbed and also discourages straw and shavings from becoming attached. It has cross surcingles and is machine washable.

    Thermatex TSR

    Dominick Stable Rug

    Fill: 0g , 200g, 350g| Style: Standard neck | Outer: 1000D | Sizes: 5–7ft | Colours: Navy or black | RRP: £150 (0g), £155 (200g), £160 (350g) |

    Dominick rugs are designed to shape the rug to the contours of the horse’s body to keep the rug straight and prevent it slipping backwards, and are made with a 1000D outer and a soft cotton lining to ensure ultimate comfort. They feature double breast straps, anatomical shoulder darts, cross surcingles and removable leg straps.

    Equine Products Comfort Quilt stable rug

    Equine Products Tufmasters Comfort Quilt

    Fill: 300g | Style: Standard or combo neck | Sizes: 5ft6in – 7ft | Colours: Blue | RRP: £48.48 (standard neck), £58.50 (full neck) |

    This rug features a cotton lining and a polar fleece neck to prevent rubbing. It fastens with adjustable buckles, quick-clip fastenings, cross surcingles and detachable leg straps.

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