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Greatest lengthy girths appropriate for GP saddles

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  • The best long girths will allow your horse to move freely and feel comfortable so that he can perform at his best. What works best for him will depend on his conformation and saddle, so choosing a girth is not as simple as selecting the first one that catches your eye.

    How do I choose the best long girth?

    The best girth will be different for every horse. You should consider material and colour – if you opt for leather or a synthetic equivalent, find one that matches your saddle if possible. Synthetic girths tend to be less expensive, but may not last as long or stay looking as smart as a well-cared-for leather girth.

    Some girths are designed with padding, an anatomical shape and elastic ends. These additions to the standard design all aim to increase comfort and freedom of movement, ultimately to improve performance. Some designs will boast wicking, antibacterial or hypoallergenic properties, so it’s wise to consider the benefits these could bring your horse. Finally, D-rings that allow for the attachment of martingales and other training aids are particularly useful as they make tacking up quicker but also eliminate the need for a martingale to loop around the girth and sit against the skin, for example, which improves comfort.

    What size girth do I need?

    The length of girth you need will depend on the style of your saddle and size of your horse. You can measure your current girth, but be aware that it may have stretched. When measuring a girth, always measure from buckle end to buckle end.

    The best way to measure up your horse is to put your saddle (including saddle pad) on and use a tape measure (or baler twine and then measure that) to determine the length from the second holes on the girth straps on one side to the second holes on the other.

    What is a narrow gauge girth?

    Narrow gauge girths are designed to fit horses with a narrower ribcage. If the flat area between your horses elbows is less than 20cm, your horse could benefit from a narrow gauge girth. Horses with a forward girth groove are also likely to benefit from this girth design.

    Do I need a girth sleeve?

    A girth sleeve can be useful if your horse has sensitive skin as they can help to prevent rubbing, sores and pinching.

    Best long girths to choose from

    Fairfax Performance Long Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 48–56in standard or 44–50in narrow | RRP: £240 |

    Handmade in England, this girth was the first to be tested using pressure mapping and gait analysis and the results have allowed the creation of a design that evenly and effectively distributes pressure. The Prolite material that lines the girth also absorbs impact and prevents rubbing.

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    Elico memory foam girth

    Elico Memory Foam Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 38–56in | RRP: £41.95 |

    This memory foam girth from Elico is manufactured with a strong nylon knit facing fabric, which allows the girth to follow the contours of your horse’s body. It is elasticated at both ends with self-locating, spring-loaded, stainless steel roller buckles for ease of use.

    View now at, or

    LeMieux Gel-Tek Anatomic Curve jumping girth

    LeMieux Gel-Tek Anatomic Curve Jumping Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 45–55in | RRP: £149.95 |

    With a combination of soft leather and dynamic gel, this girth from LeMieux absorbs and spreads pressure evenly. The contoured shape and cut back allows space behind the elbow, enhances saddle stability and eliminates discomfort and rubs. It has an integrated clip and strong D-ring that allow flexibility for attachments.

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    Prolite long girth

    Prolite Long Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 44–58in standard or 44–52in narrow | RRP: £89 |

    Made under licence from Fairfax Saddles, this girth has the same design as their Performance girth, which was the first girth to be designed under scientific testing. It distributes pressure, absorbs impact and prevents rubbing. Also available in narrow gauge.

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    Equipe Emporio leather girth

    Equipe Emporio Leather Girth

    Colours: Black, brown, Newmarket or red brown | Sizes: 115–140cm | RRP: £124 |

    This girth is made from English hide leather with nylon, and is elasticated at one end for ease of fit.

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    Collegiate memory foam girth

    Collegiate Memory Foam Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 42–54in | RRP: £55.99 |

    The memory foam padding used in this Collegiate girth offers extra comfort, while the roller buckles and dual elastic ends allow for easy adjustment. It also features a central D ring to attach training aids.

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    Whitaker Classic leather pressure girth

    Whitaker Classic Leather Pressure Girth

    Colours: Black or Havana | Sizes: 40–54in | RRP: £120 |

    This Whitaker girth is made from thick padded leather that is chosen to help evenly distribute pressure. It has thick, durable elastic at each end as well as three D-ring attachments.

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    Wintec elastic long girth

    Wintec Elastic Long Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 36–62in | RRP: £34.99 |

    This Wintec girth is made of a soft and supple outer material that has no seams or stitch lines, which prevents irritation on sensitive skin. It has a fully elastic centre – rather than just the ends – that moves with your horse and eliminates the ability to over-tighten on one side.

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    Fouganza Romeo leather girth

    Fouganza Romeo Leather Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 115–145 cm | RRP: £39.99 |

    If you’re looking for a leather girth that doesn’t cost the earth, this one has a memory foam interior and an anatomical shape to allow greater freedom of movement.

    View now at

    Hy Equestrian fleece-lined GP/jumping contoured girth

    Hy Equestrian Fleece-Lined GP/Jumping Contoured Girth

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: 36–60in | RRP: £39.99 |

    With a soft faux fur lining, this girth is suitable for horses with sensitive skin or those prone to rubs or sores. It is shaped around the elbow so as not to restrict movement, while the elastic at each end prevents over tightening. It has three stainless steel rings for training aid attachment.

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    Mark Todd elasticated leather girth

    Mark Todd Elasticated Leather Girth

    Colours: Black or Havana | Sizes: 44–54in | RRP: £84.99 |

    Made from fine quality leather, this anatomical and softly padded girth from Mark Todd features three training rings and double elastic at both ends.

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    Premier Equine Pandino anatomic leather girth

    Premier Equine Pandino Anatomic Leather Girth

    Colours: Black | Sizes: 46–56in | RRP: £107 |

    This Premier Equine girth is anatomically shaped for improved comfort and performance. It has one central D-ring and two at the side for tack and training aid attachments. The leather panel work combined with high quality stitch lines offer a professional look.

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    Rhinegold Softee leather girth

    Rhinegold Softee Leather Girth

    Colours: Black or Havana | Sizes: 42–56in | RRP: £52.90 |

    This anatomically shaped girth from Rhinegold is fully padded, made of extra-soft leather and has elasticated ends. It features D-rings for training aids.

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    Albion long girth

    Albion Long Girth

    Colours: Black or dark Havana | Sizes: 40–60in | RRP: £204.18 |

    With heavy duty elastic at each end, this soft girth from Albion ensures even pressure and is shaped to offer freedom of movement. It can be used with the Albion slip-on stud guard, martingale or combination breastplate.

    Stübben Overlay elasticated girth

    Stübben Overlay Elasticated Girth

    Colours: Black, ebony, redwood or tobacco | Sizes: 90–150cm (36–60in) | RRP: £149 |

    This overlay girth features Stübben’s lay flat buckles, one centred D-ring, and triple elastic on both ends.

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