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Golden Retriever Pet Fully ‘Loses-It’ When He Meets A Child Goat

Love, at first sight, is a real thing–as the video below of a Golden Retriever puppy and newborn goat illustrates. It seems as if some things are just meant to be when two individuals become friends after meeting each other.


Image/Story Source Credit: King 5 via Facebook Video



This dynamic pair has always been the best of pals while producing. The four-day-old tiny goat is brought inside to meet the four-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, who is resting on a fluffy towel in his mother’s arms. Sean Cadden films as the pup cautiously examine this strange creature for a second before bumping noses and then it’s off to the races!


Image/Story Source Credit: King 5 via Facebook Video


Click the video below to watch this dynamic duo have a blast! 🥰

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