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Golden Retriever Hailed As Hero After Holding His Two Sisters Secure Whereas Misplaced In The Woods

Golden Retrievers are well-known for being incredible family dogs. Their boundless energy helps them keep up with kids, and their gentle demeanor lends well to living with children of all ages. But one protective pup named Artemis went far beyond the call of duty after he and his two human sisters got lost in the woods behind their Louisiana home.

Not only did he keep them safe, but rescuers say it was thanks to him that they were found. 


In a tiny town north of Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans, seven-year-old Abigail and her four-year-old sister, Cecelia, followed their furry best friend into the woods behind their house. Their Golden Retriever, Artemis, had made a mad dash for the trees, and with the enthusiasm only young children can muster, the pair of sisters pursued their precious pup. 

Only Artemis started to stray far from home, and the three of them wound up lost together in the woods. As you can imagine, everyone, including their mother, worried about their wellbeing.

“It’s feelings that no parent wants to go through, it was just a rollercoaster of emotions,” said their mom, Mary.


Luckily, they weren’t lost for very long. In fact, their entire community rallied together to help find them. Local law enforcement, along with 100 volunteers, set out and searched the entire area for the turned-around trio. Even ATVs and helicopters were used to search the surrounding woods!  

“Everyone in this community dropped what they were doing and just on the spot – it didn’t matter, they were there for us,” said Mary.

Everyone wanted to find them as fast as possible. In the end, it was Artemis, and his booming bark, that let the search party know exactly where he and his sisters were waiting. Not only did their protective pup stick with his sisters on their unexpected adventure, but he was the one who ultimately led to their rescue. 

“He also tried to bark at the helicopter,” said seven-year-old Abigail.

Hero Dog

Volunteers shared that not only did Artemis’ bark lead them to him and the girls but that once rescuers arrived, he kept circling them and guarding them until he knew they meant no harm.

Golden Retrievers are fantastic family dogs, but Artemis took it to a whole. new level of love. As a token of their incredible appreciation, Artemis was rewarded with a special steak dinner when he got home. After all, he earned it for keeping his family safe when the outcome could have been quite the opposite. 

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