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Girl’s Satisfied Her Little Rescue Piggy Is Smarter Than Her Canine

Augustina, a tiny piglet, was found wandering around all by herself. She was thankfully saved by a rescue group in New Jersey. She was then transferred to Uncle Neil’s Home, a beautiful sanctuary that houses 75 farm animals.

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Quickly, a kind woman with Uncle Neil’s Home rescue became quite attached to Augustina. The piglet’s backstory is a total mystery. Piglets are rarely alone especially since they come from large litters. Maybe she was dumped there? It was strange indeed. Regardless, it’s a miracle that the piggy was found before it was too late.

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Augustina was covered in ticks. The woman removed over 150 ticks in total. The piggy was raced to the vet where they discovered she was suffering from a tick-borne infection. Poor baby! She had to be hospitalized for a week in order to survive.


Once back home, Augustina had to be quarantined but once that was over, she introduced herself to the resident dog the rescue is named after, Uncle Neil. Uncle Neil wasn’t a fan of other animals yet he took an interest in the piglet. Soon, the two became inseparable.

Screenshot via YouTube

Miraculously, Augustina transformed Uncle Neil and he now likes to be around other animals on the farm. It’s amazing! The story continues and is too awesome to miss! Check it out below.

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