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Get your greatest pal again with a free trial of Ageility from Pure VetCare *Promotion*

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    It’s hard watching our canine best friends get old. Sometimes they just don’t seem like themselves anymore, lacking the joy and excitement for life they were once full of.

    NAF’s small animal brand, Natural VetCare, has developed a supplement called Ageility, which offers 360ᵒ premium nutritional support for ageing dogs.

    If your older dog is showing signs of ageing, such as not wanting to play or go for a walk, seeming confused or suddenly toileting indoors, look no further than Natural VetCare Ageility.

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    To help your older dog feel like themselves again and for your chance to trial Ageility for free, all you need to do is fill in a simple questionnaire via the link below and you could receive one of 50 one-month supplies of Ageility for your dog.

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    How can Ageility help your older dog feel like a puppy again?

    Our dogs are living longer than ever due to the fantastic healthcare and lifestyles we now provide them with, so it comes as no surprise that they are showing the same set of age-related health conditions we see in older humans.

    The good news is that the right supportive nutrition that contains all the key joint ingredients, with added cognitive and organ support, can help keep your older dog bright and active well into their senior years.

    Ageility targets the onset of stiffness in older dogs, where you might notice they are less willing to enjoy those long walks or perhaps show a reluctance to jump into the car. It also helps to support the brain as your dog shows signs of ageing such as disorientation and memory loss, which may show as appearing lost in familiar environments or forgetting commands.

    Ageility targets these signs in the following ways:

    • It eases stiff joints – glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM combine synergistically for optimum joint health, while natural antioxidants such as Omega 3 help support the body’s anti-inflammatory processes.
    • Promotes vitality – Ageility is packed with brain nutrients for cognitive support, such as ginseng and L-carnitine, to promote vitality, with hawthorn for maintenance of a healthy heartbeat and multiple vitamins and minerals providing optimal senior nutrition.
    • Anti-ageing – the powerful immortality herb promotes longevity, while key vitamins and antioxidants are included to provide unrivalled support for the liver and immune system.
    • The natural antioxidant “super-food”, chlorella, works in synergy with pure vitamin E, manganese and zinc to help support the body’s antioxidant defences against progressive oxidative damage.

    Happy and healthy older dog with grey whiskers

    Ageility comes in a pelleted format that is tasty and easy to feed. The pellets have been designed to ensure maximum palatability and can be mixed in with your dog’s daily feed, once a day.

    By targeting both joint health and alertness of mind, Natural VetCare Ageility provides total support for older dogs, helping give them back the desire and the ability to live their lives to the full for longer for many happy returns.

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