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Ergonomic Assessments – Angel Canine Diary

Some of the new hires have complained that sagging beds and feeding bowls in awkward positions in the office are giving them backache. Goldie decided that all office staff should undergo an ergonomic assessment.

“The well-being and health of our staff is a priority,” she declared.

Nurse Bella, a black lab, came and measured lengths of legs and backs of all the dogs and everyone got weighed. Then she made some calculations and handed out custom made beds and feeding bowls. Tall dogs, like Great Danes, had to have their bowls elevated from the ground. All beds got fitted with mattresses appropriate for each dog’s size and weight.

Working dogs with ergonomically correct equipment

I must say it seems very healthy, and as an extra bonus, one could choose the pattern on the beds. I like the flowers, sunshine and bone patterns, but I can’t believe the dogs that choose tiger and leopard patterns, these are dangerous cats. What are they projecting?

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