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Dwelling Chicken Autumn 2022—Desk of Contents

Feature Articles

  • When Goshawks Ruled the Autumn Skies

    Are the massive migration flights of Northern Goshawks a thing of the past? Some scientists think climate change and habitat loss have made these big accipiters permanently scarce. But others see a complex pattern of cycles within cycles, and the possibility that the mega flights will return.

    Story by Scott Weidensaul; Photos by Dudley Edmondson

  • a gray and black bird perches in a bare tree top against a blue sky

    Can the Clark’s Nutcracker Help Its BFF, the Whitebark Pine, Recover from Disaster?

    Clark’s Nutcrackers and whitebark pine have deeply intertwined lives. If and when the pine is listed under the Endangered Species Act, the tree’s recovery could depend on its birdy best friend.

    By Carrie Arnold

  • a blue and black bird with a berry in its beak

    For Unusual Birds, Does Distinction Raise the Risk of Extinction?

    Using an innovative analysis of the “morphospace,” scientists discovered that the world’s most unusual bird species are the ones most at risk of extinction. Their loss would leave a less diverse, interesting, and functional world.

    By Greg Breining

  • a white egret with black bill and yellow feet hunts in shallow water with its wings spread

    Annual Report 2022

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