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Design Workforce – Angel Canine Diary

Zorro’s Zecurity will be featured in “It’s a Dogs Business Magazine” and Goldie wants to upgrade the look of the office. “We must project a modern and relaxed atmosphere, yet being disciplined, inventive and efficient at the same time,” she said. So she brought in a design team before the photo shoot.

They threw out the individual beds and feeding platforms, and replaced them with shapeless beanbags in neon green. Feeding was to be done in communal bowls in a few pods. “We have to get rid of the image of geriatrics working at Zorros Zecurity,” explained the head designer. “In the security business, you have to signal physical strength. Ergonomic equipment is for old and tired dog.”

Loba and I took the opportunity to choose new beds from the trash pile. “Once a scavenger, always a scavenger,” said Loba. Goldie nodded in agreement and told Loba to stay away from the photo shoot. “I don’t want to be rude, but your ears are not symmetrical,” she added.

Then Goldie paid the design team, it was expensive. Loba and I took our beds from the rejection pile and went home. I took a blue one with white bones and Loba took one with pink heart patterns. We took a bed in camo for Zorro.

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