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Deserted Pet On The Brink Of Demise Was Destined To Assist Kids & Pets In Want

The stray dog and cat population is a growing problem on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Rescuers from Little Steps Matter fight every day to rescue innocent animals from the streets and give them a chance at life.

In April 2021, they discovered a tiny, neglected puppy in the parking lot of a local market. With no mama dog in sight, it was clear the pup was abandoned and desperately in need of their help. She was weak, dehydrated, and severely malnourished. Without their intervention, she would not last much longer.

Rescuers offered the puppy food and water right on site. Although too weak to stand, the dog who would come to be known as Casey, demonstrated her strong will to live. She ate ravenously and took in as much water as her little body could handle.

“She was a fighter from the beginning on,” Little Steps Matter founder, Sabine Kaufmann said. “She wanted to live.”

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A Miraculous Recovery

Casey was brought to Bali Central Vet where she received round-the-clock care and feedings. She was dehydrated, malnourished, and full of intestinal parasites. Her skin was sore and cracked. Despite her brave spirit and ravenous appetite, rescuers were not sure Casey’s body could recover from the level of neglect she had suffered.

But, after four days of intensive care, Casey was a new pup. She stood firmly on her own, devouring each meal. During those first days, Casey was too weak to wag her tail, but now her little booty swayed enthusiastically every time a human came near.

She was almost worm-free, and her skin was healing nicely. Best of all, a forever home was ready and waiting to receive her. Casey was adopted by Olga Zure and her son Fedor.

“I actually felt something for her from the very first look,” Olga said. “She was so, so little.”

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The Good Life

She made up for lost time spent sick in the hospital by romping wildly through the family’s beautiful yard, gnawing on her new humans, and annoying her three new cat siblings. According to Olga, two of the cats immediately decided that Casey was not welcome on their turf. The third tolerates “the bold little creature” on occasion, but Casey never stops trying to win over the entire feline trio.

Soon, Casey learned to ride on Olga’s motorbike—strapped in for safety, of course. The bike was her ticket to Bali’s beautiful beaches. By the sea, Casey can run free and be her happy, energetic self.

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A Higher Calling

Watching Casey’s pure joy as she frolicked in the waves with Fedor, Olga couldn’t help but think of all the other dogs in desperate need on the streets of Bali. As a teacher and founder of Twin Flame School, she saw an opportunity for Casey to help teach her young students compassion for animals.

Nearly every day, Casey rides to school with Olga, where she greets each student individually. The children love having a dog to play with and cuddle, but Casey plays an even more important role. She’s making sure they grow into future animal advocates.

“Casey is the soul of the school,” Olga said. “Casey teaches them kindness. How to be gentle. I’m super grateful for her.”

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