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Dan Tallman’s Chook Weblog: Widespread Goldeneye

Here is an image of a drake Common Goldeneye on 9 February 2022 at the Billy Frank Jr National Wildlife Refuge. Erika wishes that all birds were named for their field marks. Indeed, the national  ornithological community is currently in the throws of considering renaminng birds. Oldsquaw are now offically called Long-tailed Ducks. McCown’s Longspurs, originally named after a Confederate general, are now known as Thick-billed Longspurs. I trust my readers appreciate why some people find the original name to be offensive. Other ornithologists think that no bird should be named after any person. I just hope that folks don’t go hunting for people commemorated in scientific names, like poor little Pipreola riefferi tallmanorum, named after two ornithologists, outstanding in their field. For more information on this debate, see

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