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Dan Tallman’s Chook Weblog: Hutton’s Vireo

Hutton’s Vireos can be confused with Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Note the dark line interrupting the white eye-ring and the stubby, hooked bill. Overall the vireo is chunkier, not as sleek, as a kinglet. Erika and I banded this Hutton’s Vireo on 8 February 2022 in our Olympia backyard. Although I think of vireos as being migratory birds, this species is an exception. We have scattered records across the year. Wahl et al. (2005) describe Hutton’s Vireos as uncommon residents in western Washington. The species ranges south along the West Coast and through Mexico into Central America. The range of the coastal birds does not overlap with birds in the southwestern US, Mexico, or Central America. Genetic research suggests that birds along the Pacific Coast should be considered to be separate species (Davis 2002).

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