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“Damaged” Pet Mill Canine Is So Traumatized No One Can Contact Her

Lolly was rescued from an Iowa puppy mill, and like many dogs in these situations, she was terrified of the world. She was scared of humans and refused to walk on a leash. The breeders at the puppy mill had broken her trust in humans, so she wasn’t eager to accept affection from her rescuers.

But with time, patience, and love, Lolly warmed up to the humans who were kind to her and she found her forever home. She has since become a “helper dog” to assist other pups in overcoming their trauma. Best of all, she’s showing the world that adopting shy, scared dogs is an incredible experience.


Lolly’s Transformation

The ASPCA rescued 500 dogs from a filthy puppy mill, and one of them was Lolly. Lolly, along with many of the other dogs, had matted hair, parasites, dental disease, and severe infections. She also avoided any interactions with humans, so she went to the ASPCA Behavior Rehabilitation Center (BRC) to work on that.

“The BRC is the first-ever permanent facility dedicated to the study and behavioral rehabilitation of canine victims of cruelty and neglect. After being rescued from the Iowa puppy mill, Lolly needed support with her fear and under-socialization, and came to the BRC for treatment,” said Darren Young, CPDT-KA, Lolly’s behavioral rehabilitation specialist.

At first, Lolly spent a lot of time pacing. Most puppy mill dogs have little to no exposure to the outside world, so they’re isolated from human contact. Thus, these rescued dogs need to learn to associate everyday activities with positive things to help them adjust to their new lives.

Puppy mill dog in forever home

Lolly graduated from the center after six weeks. She still has some fears, but she’s much more comfortable around people, walks, and car rides. Dr. Ashley Eisenback, DVM, fell in love with Lolly when giving her medical assessments at BRC. So, Eisenback decided to adopt her!

Advocating for Puppy Mill Survivors

Lolly warmed up to her new family surprisingly quickly. She formed a close bond with the other dog in the house and Eisenback’s daughters. It was the first time Lolly had ever lived in a home, so it was a lot to get used to.

The rescue dog is now confident enough to no longer need BRC’s services, but she still visits the center often to encourage other dogs. She shows other fearful dogs that activities like walking on a leash, jumping in the car, and getting pet can be positive experiences. Having a dog to help them makes the other dogs relaxed and more eager to learn.

Family adopts puppy mill dog

Lolly’s story proves that neglected animals deserve a second chance. Seeing them come out of their shells is one of the most rewarding experiences a dog lover can have.

“Dogs are very resilient when we are patient with them. Fearful dogs can become wonderful companions with patience and understanding,” Dr. Eisenback said.

If you’re looking to get a new dog, please be careful where you choose to get them. Keep an eye out for signs that a puppy is from a puppy mill, and walk away if anything seems fishy. If you’re able, consider opening your heart and home to a neglected dog to help turn their life around.

Watch Lolly’s Journey Here:

@aspca One year ago, Lolly and her puppies were among more than 500 dogs rescued from a horrific puppy mill. All she knew was overbreeding, cold cages, no human interaction, and little to no vet care. She was scared and didn’t trust humans. Eventually, she became more social with handlers, even seeking out pets and treats. She is now in a wonderful home, where she receives nothing but cuddles and love. Lolly and many of the dogs who were rescued have found loving homes, but so many suffered in that cruel puppy mill before they could be rescued. Help us end puppy mills by visiting the link in our bio! #fyp #aspca #foryoupage #puppymill #puppymillsurvivor #dogsoftiktok #dog ♬ Somewhere Only We Know – ~Barbie Movies~

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