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Couple Rescues Tiny Coyote They Mistook For An Orphaned Pet

If you were out for a drive and happened upon what you believed to be an orphaned puppy wandering along the side of the road, what would you do? You wouldn’t just leave the cute little puffball to fend for himself. You would want to save the helpless creature.

It just so happens that what one Massachusetts couple mistook for an abandoned puppy didn’t belong to a mama dog after all. 


What the couple decided to do next was lifesaving and positively influenced the entire trajectory of this sweet baby’s life. Once they realized it wasn’t a puppy they rescued, the couple admitted their mix-up and called The Cape Wildlife Center for help.

Coyote Pup

It’s quite easy to confuse an eastern coyote pup with a domestic dog. Coyotes have a “German Shepherd build” and are similar in actions and appearance to our furry best friends.

After all, the eastern coyote is a canine hybrid that’s a mix of multiple similar species: coyote, wolf, and dog. An eastern coyote grows up to weigh 35-45 pounds, and litters are typically birthed in April and May.


The wildlife center identified this distinctive doggie look-alike as a male eastern coyote pup. With the help of the Mass Department of Public Health, they were able to effectively determine that there was no risk of rabies exposure. The sweet pup was cleared for intake, and it wasn’t long before he was happy, fed, and resting comfortably.

Baby Coyote

Then, this happy story, which could have had a disastrous ending, got even better! An incredible twist of fate brought another orphaned coyote pup from The Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island to be raised and trained with this sweet boy. 

Once both pups receive proper vetting, they will be raised together and able to use the wildlife center’s large outdoor caging to work with experts and learn the essential skills and behaviors they ordinarily learn from mom and dad. Together, the team will work hard to give these majestic, wild animals as natural of an upbringing as possible.


Calling a Wildlife Center and admitting their mistake was not only brave, but this decision set this sweet pup up for successful rehab and future release. Wildlife centers have the resources to tend to any potential medical needs, plus the knowledge and experience to help wild animals learn their natural behaviors so they can eventually be returned to their natural habitat. 

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