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Completely happy Hen-day to the Weblog!

Crows in flight (photo from Wikimedia Commons, cropped)

9 November 2022

How many crows are in this picture? That’s how many years I’ve been writing this blog.

15 candles for Outside My Window (party crow by Joan Guerin)

15 Years!

After all this time I’m used to getting up early every morning (4am) to write the day’s article, usually from scratch. I hope for inspiration and enough time to do the research, find photos, tie it together with cogent prose, and publish by 7:30am or 8:00am. If you’ve been paying attention lately you know I sometimes miss my deadline. (Aaarg!) Fortunately I get to try again the next day.

In 2014 with seven years of blogging and 2,320 posts I realized that some articles are worth a second look so I started my own re-runs (called “Throw Back Thursdays” à la Facebook). After 15 years I now have 5,545 articles to choose from.

You, dear readers, are why I keep writing every day. I enjoy birds, nature and peregrine falcons and I enjoy learning new things, but it would all be useless without your enthusiasm, comments, and sharing with friends.

And it would be boring text without the great photographers who let me use their photos and videos. A Big Thank You to all of them. See who they are here.

Today’s celebration would not be complete without remarks from a Corvid. A raven (Corvus corax) is stepping in to say, “Happy Bird-day!” and comment on my missed deadlines.

Check out the comments on the YouTube video that explain what his noises mean.

Happy 15th Bird-thday to the Blog!

p.s. Today I beat my deadline by half an hour!

(photo from Wikimedia Commons; click on the caption to see the original. Party crows by Joan Guerin)

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