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Christmas Want Lists for Santa – Angel Canine Diary

Today, Zorro and Loba told me what they wanted from Santa, and I had to do the writing.

Zorro’s list

A red motorbike or a red sportscar with black speed stripes on the side.

Leather driving gloves.

A police whistle.

A birdfeeder.

A red tartan collar with my name engraved on a plate.

Loba asked why he wanted a bird feeder. “Squirrels,” he said mysteriously. “It’s for the squirrels.”

Loba’s list

A dog agility set, professional standard.

A pink blanket.

Audio book: “The call of the wild”.

My list

New pen and paper (nice quality).

Noise cancelling headphones.

The complete DVD set of the Lawrence Welk Show.

Book: “How to stand up to bullies.”

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