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Chook Tub FAQs

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You should replace the water in your bird bath at least every 2-4 days but more often if it gets dirty or in very hot weather when bacteria can accumulate.

Many bird baths come with a pedestal and although they tend to be the most popular birds will be quite happy to use a bird bath placed on the ground. If you choose a pedestal bird bath, make sure it is high enough that cats can’t jump on to it but not too tall that you can’t fill and clean it easily. Find out more about the different types of bird baths here.

Birds will often use bird baths in winter as their usual sources of water may be frozen over. Be aware, that some types of bird bath may not be suitable for leaving out in winter, and you’ll need to make sure that the water in your bird bath doesn’t turn to ice. Find out more about using bird baths in winter here.

You can clean a bird bath with a mild bleach solution or a solution of distilled white vinegar and water and a scrubbing brush. For more stubborn stains, you may need to use a high-pressured hose and stiff brush. You can also buy special cleaning products for bird baths that won’t harm birds. Find out more about cleaning bird baths here.

You can use a bird bath all year round, but it’s particularly important during the hot summer months when natural sources of water may be scarce, and in the winter when water may be frozen over. Be aware that some bird baths, such as those made from stone, may not be suitable for leaving out all year.

There are many different styles of bird bath available on the market and although you will want one that’s aesthetically pleasing, you also need to consider the types of birds you want to attract, the size of your garden, and whether you have any cats or other predators about. Before you make your purchase take a look at our guide to choosing a bird bath to find the one that’s best for you.

You should clean your bird bath whenever it gets dirty, or if algae starts to build up in it. Ideally you should give it a clean once a week to help prevent the spread of disease, but in the summer, you will probably need to clean it more often. Once or twice a year give it a deep clean which will help maintain the life of your bird bath. Find out how to clean your bird bath here.

The water in a bird bath should be between 2 cm and 10 cm deep. Any deeper and small birds will be unlikely to use it and if they do, they are at risk of drowning if they slip and are unable to get out. You can find more advice about how to ensure the water is at the ideal depth here.

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