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Chimney Swifts Go Again To Mattress

Chimney swifts from Crossley ID Guide via Wikimedia Commons

3 October 2022

Migrating chimney swifts roost for the night in local chimneys and wake up when the sky glows before dawn. This morning the sun had not yet cleared the horizon when the swifts flew out of Cathedral Mansions chimney and circled the chimney over and over again, testing the air. It was 41 degrees F.

Though the sky is clear this morning and the wind is from the north, the swifts (probably) decided there were not enough bugs flying so there would be nothing to eat on their way south. They would be cold and hungry if they left now but the bugs will come out as the day warms up. They decided to wait for that to happen.

So they all went back to bed. Here’s a photo of them pouring back into the chimney. (They are just dots in my cellphone photo.)

Chimney swifts re-enter Cathedral Mansions chimney to wait for the day to warm up, 3 Oct 2022, 7:22am (photo by Kate St. John)

(photos from Wikimedia Commons and by Kate St. John)

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