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Can’t Fail Financial Plan – Angel Canine Diary

Cash, the economist dog, has laid out a plan to stimulate the economy and get Zorro’s Zecurity more solvent.

“It is all about spending, you see,” said Cash. “You must spend to make money. Spend fast and furious and everyone benefits. It works like this:

A business owner, like Zorro right here in Zorro’s Zecurity, makes a profit. He then pays the staff salary. The staff spend the money on food, housing and stuff like doggy spas and entertainment. The dogs in those businesses then all get paid and make profits and buy a service from Zorro’s Zecurity. Zorro makes more money and can then spend more which will make other dogs richer. Everyone benefits when we spend.”

I had to think about this, it sounded plausible but somehow, I wonder if it really was how it worked. I asked Cash if, he was sure. He said yes, ” he had learnt it all in economy school.”

Cash now wants Zorro’s Zecurity to stimulate the economy and spend on company cars for all the staff. “It’s like an investment, he said, ” if we spend more, wealth will trickle down to the public who then can afford our services and we get even more income. The plan can’t fail.”

And Cash gets a car, I thought to myself.

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