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Canine With Most cancers Learns What Love Feels Like & Is not Prepared To Depart The World

Charlotte adopted a special dog named Sadie through the Weimaraner Rescue of Texas. When Sadie came home, she was instantly attached to her new mom.

Sadly, the sweet dog was diagnosed with lymphoma in April of 2022. The veterinarian explained that her cancer was so advanced that she’d likely only live a few more days. But several months later, the miracle dog is still “going strong.”

Screenshot via YouTube

Sadie’s mom has her own theory as to why the dog has outlived her diagnosis. She says in the video, “She has finally learned what love feels like and isn’t ready to leave the world yet.” Beautifully said!

Sadie also has adorable doggy siblings who keep her going. Jade and Goose take excellent care of Sadie after treatment. The three dogs are always together and are especially known for their adorable cuddle puddle.

Screenshot via YouTube

The dog mom goes on to explain that Sadie came into her life when she really needed her. She was going through a difficult time and while she technically saved Sadie, the miracle dog saved her right back. Sadie continues to fight her cancer diagnosis and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Her story is a true inspiration!

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