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Canine Begins Having A Dangerous Dream, However His Sister Shortly Jumps In To Consolation Him

We know that dog nightmares can be pretty intense, often leading dogs to snarl, whine, growl, or cry out. In this story, we see a 1-year-old Double Doodle named Jackson twisting around on the couch while experiencing a terrifying nightmare. However, it is his doggie sibling’s endearing gesture that totally warms our hearts!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Brooke via YouTube Video


As we see in the video below, Jackson is having a hard time coping with his bad dreams. But when his big sister, a Goldendoodle named Laika, sees him struggling in his sleep, she immediately springs into action.

She runs to the couch to check on her brother and realizes that he’s being tortured by ruthless nightmares.



Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Brooke via YouTube Video


Laika jumps on the couch and snuggles up to Jackson, making him feel safe. For a few seconds, Jackson appears shaken, but he quickly regains his composure! He appears momentarily peaceful as he looks over at Laika, then attempts to return to sleep with enthusiasm.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Brooke via YouTube Video


After Laika got the situation under control, she wasn’t sure if Jackson would be okay. So instead of leaving him, she decided to stay and snuggle up to her napping brother while keeping his nightmares at bay! What a sweet sister!


Click the video below to see how Laika helps Jackson escape his nightmare and fall back asleep!

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