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Bride Pauses Marriage ceremony Make-up To Spend High quality Time With Her Canine

A wedding is a big day for the couple getting married, so it makes sense that they’ll be the center of attention. However, that doesn’t mean that the bride and groom won’t care for their loved ones when needed.

In a heartwarming video, a bride stepped away from her wedding preparations to give her dog a tasty treat. Even though she’s in the middle of getting her makeup done, the bride is willing to sit on the floor and hand-feed her furry friend. Now, that’s a sign of true love!


Bride Includes Her Dog

Simar K, a makeup artist in Delhi, India, posted a video on Instagram of the dog-loving bride. The bride, Divya, was getting ready for her wedding day with her dog named Buzo by her side. She was in the process of getting her makeup done when she decided that Buzo deserved a tasty snack.

In the video, Divya is sitting on the floor with a plate of food in front of her. She’s not in her full wedding outfit yet, and her hair and makeup are still in process, but she doesn’t seem worried about time. Instead, she decides that her dog getting food is more important at the moment.

“Pets are always special,” Simar K wrote. “My beautiful bride Divya took a break from getting ready as her Buzo was hungry and wanted to be fed with her hands.”

Bride feeding dog

Divya seems to be serving Buzo a plate of biryani, a mixed rice dish. She serves it to her dog by hand, and the pup gently eats each bite. Divya doesn’t mind getting food all over her hands on her wedding day if it means her four-legged family member will be happy.

Dogs Love Weddings!

The caption of the heartwarming video says, “when bride sets her priorities.” After all, adorable Buzo is the best priority to choose because he deserves all the love in the world. Divya has all day to finish getting ready for the ceremony, so it won’t hurt to spend a little special time with her pup.

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Dog enjoying special meal

Weddings can be a confusing time for dogs, but they love when they get to be included in the festivities. Of course, the wedding is all about the bride and groom, but dog lovers will make sure their dogs are happy and well cared for during the big day too.

Hopefully, Buzo enjoyed his special wedding day snack. He’s lucky to have a mom who spoils him during every occasion.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

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