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BC Uncommon Chook Alert: RBA: NAZCA/MASKED BOOBY off Vancouver Island

At 9:08 pm on Feb 26-2022, Rebecca LaForge and Captain Hans Jessen found a Nazca/Masked Booby while aboard the fishing vessel The FV Raw Spirit. The current photos available are not clear enough to determine it to species. However, Nazca would be more likely in our waters.

The bird stayed put on the bow until 3 am on Feb 27th when it flew off. It did not return for the remainder of their time at sea. Rebecca and the crew were able to obtain cell phone photos and video of the bird.

The bird was viewed off the Brooks Peninsula, 170 nautical miles from land as they were heading WNW.

Nazca/Masked Booby off Vancouver Island – Photos: Rebecca LaForge

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