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BC Uncommon Chook Alert: RBA: KING EIDER in Comox

At 7:10 am on April 24-2022, Krista Kaptein spotted a female King Eider at Singing Sands Beach in Comox. The bird was with 2000 Surf Scoters, some Black Scoters, Long-tailed Ducks and Greater Scaup. She was able to get photographs of the bird.

Multiple observers saw the bird until it flew off towards the SE at 8:50am.

Map to location it was first seen HERE

**After reviewing photos today Iwan van Veen  noticed he had photographed the female King Eider HERE in a mixed scoter flock from the Comox to Powell River ferry at 9:25am on April 23rd.**

This is the 39th record for BC.

King Eider in Comox – Photos: Krista Kaptein

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