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Bait Canine Appears to be like To Girl For A Secure Life So She Hugs Him Additional Tight

Maren rescued Raffie, a dog that suffered at the hands of a cold-hearted owner. Raffie’s backstory is tragic. He was used for two purposes: to breed and to take a beating as a bait dog.

Raffie spent too much time in a fighting ring, but now it was time to get his happily ever after, as all dogs deserve!

Screenshot via YouTube

Maren goes on to explain in the video that Raffie is too sweet to bite another dog. This beautiful trait was used against him. When Maren got to know Raffie, she realized he loves every animal he meets, so the loving mom got Raffie a best friend named Odin. Odin is described as a clown and Raffie takes things a little too seriously making this “couple” hilarious to be around.

Screenshot via YouTube

Raffie is extra gentle with his brother and loves to give him kisses. Their mom treats them like gold! She reads to them, grooms their nails like a true manicurist, and even gives them massages. It’s too cute to miss! Raffie’s rescue has given him all he’s ever deserved and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Maren for being an awesome dog mom!

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