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Mar 15, 2021

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Pets Alive!, Austin Pets Alive!’s advocacy arm, is excited to announce that House Bill 2510, introduced by Representative Candy Noble (R-District 89), will ensure no nonprofit animal rescue will have taxes imposed on adoption fees. HB 2510 is a companion bill to SB 197, filed by Senator Jane Nelson (R-District 12).

Texas Pets Alive! works to promote and advocate for those rescue and shelter organizations that save the most at-risk companion animals in Texas, understanding that rescues across the state often pull homeless pets with expensive medical cases from municipal and county shelters, and cover the costs for those procedures, saving taxpayer money and saving lives.

“I’m proud to carry House Bill 2510. Families who are willing to open their homes to unwanted animals through pet adoption should be applauded by Texans, not taxed by the state,” said Representative Candy Noble. “The efforts of those who work in our rescue and shelter organizations should be rightly focused on the care and placement of the pets, not in the collection and paperwork associated with sales tax receipts.”

HB 2510 clarifies that rescues are exempt in statute from the Texas Comptroller’s Office imposing taxes on adoption fees. The Comptroller’s office has reviewed this legislation and determined that the bill can be administered as written.

“Rescue organizations are a lifeline for large municipal and county shelters, and ensure that animals have more options for leaving the shelter alive,” said Katie Jarl Coyle, Executive Director of Texas Pets Alive!. “Providing this sales tax relief for local organizations ensures they can easily continue to support shelters by pulling the most expensive animals and recouping fees for those costs through adoptions.”

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