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Austin Pets Alive! | Rosey’s Journey Residence

Oct 15, 2020

This past July, Rosey arrived at APA!’s clinic scared, alone, and in pain. She had come a long way from Baytown, TX, where she was high on the euthanasia list for her broken pelvis caused by a careless driver. APA! has and always will be the safety net for animals at-risk for euthanasia, so transport was immediately arranged for Rosey to be saved and receive the care she so desperately needed.

Through your generous support, our clinic team was able to get to work immediately by conducting x-rays, getting Rosey on the medications she greatly needed — none of which was done at her previous shelter — as well as working with the foster team to quickly find Rosey a foster home. Getting Rosey into a foster home was essential as our clinic team wanted Rosey to have 6 weeks of strict bed rest rather than performing invasive surgery.

Thankfully, our foster team was able to find Rosey a foster home! In her new foster home, Rosey proved to be a shy girl as she was hesitant around new people. She ended up only spending about a week in her foster home because she caught the attention of a family who fell in love with her.

After (virtually) meeting Rosey, her new human mom knew that Rosey was the perfect fit for her, and she made it her mission to make Rosey’s health and recovery a top priority. As Lauretta continued to check in with the clinic and monitor Rosey’s progress towards a fully healed pelvis, something new appeared on one of Rosey’s x-rays — one little puppy!

On September 17th, Rosey had a successful c-section and gave birth to one adorable puppy. They both went home with their guardian angel, who is now that puppy’s foster, and she affectionately gave this special puppy the name, Treasure.

Thanks to donors like you, our Medical Triage & Wellness Clinic had the resources needed to know Rosey was pregnant early on. Rosey’s mom and the clinic team were able to plan a safe c-section and effective recovery for Rosey as she continues to nurse her new pup.

Now, Rosey is just about fully healed. After recovering from a broken pelvis in addition to being pregnant, Rosey’s personality has started to shine through. She’s a cheerful, bright-eyed girl, who adores playing and going for jogs. When she’s not being active, Rosey is being the best mom she can possibly be, caring for her one and only Treasure.

Through your generosity as an incredible donor of APA!, we’re able to save Rosey, Treasure, and so many other vulnerable, innocent animals like them. Thank you for giving all of these animals a second chance at life, free from the threat of euthanasia!

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