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Austin Pets Alive! | Overcoming Obstacles

Jul 06, 2021

“His determination to overcome a horrific past and his pure will to reject the aid of a wheelchair was the point that sealed the deal.”

Sweet, friendly, and now full of energy, you’d never guess Lasagna had a traumatic, rough first year of life. As a young pup, Lasagna came to Austin Pets Alive! paralyzed, likely from a gunshot wound. He was unable to bring his back legs underneath him and could not bear weight. Stranger to houses, as he had never been in one, Lasagna simply wanted a home where he could live a fun, comfortable life that every dog deserves. What Lasagna didn’t know is that his soon-to-be foster dad would do everything in his power to find him just that.

Lasagna’s foster dad, Jeffrey, was not a marketing guru, but he did his best to ensure Lasagna got the life he deserved. What we really should be asking is, “What didn’t Jeffrey do?” Jeffrey posted regular Facebook updates, created an Instagram account, submitted photos for Lasanga’s APA! bio, taught himself how to use hashtags, had Lasagna featured in mobility-challenged pup marketing, had Lasagna in a workshop covered by KXAN, and even snuck Lasagna into a dog showoff sponsored by Tito’s! With rapid succession, Lasagna had 3 adoption inquiries in a short amount of time!

One potential adopter mentioned he liked how Lasagna “tossed his wheelchair aside and decided to push through learning to walk instead.” Lasagna continued to face adversity with 4 pressure ulcers on his hind leg and paws and contracting tapeworm, which led to starvation and a behavior shift. But he persevered, and grew into the nickname “Wags” because of how much he wagged his tail! Jeffrey and Lasagna faced the challenges head-on and Jeffrey noted that Lasagna “loves like no creature I’ve seen before.”

Enter Richard, a man who was ready to find his new best friend. After browsing several dog profiles, the behavior team at APA! recommended Lasagna to Richard. He LOVED Lasagna’s Instagram account. He recalls Lasagna’s story as “heartbreaking but even more so inspiring. This is how my granddaughter came to name him MAGNAR which translates to “survivor.” After a successful meet-and-greet with Lasagna, now Magnar, and foster Jeffrey, they were sold. Magnar has improved greatly as he is now able to clear a 12-step flight of stairs with no issue!

Strong and brave, Magnar — appropriately named — overcame his rocky start to life. He’s happy to finally have a place to call home. Fosters and adopters play such an important role in giving our medical animals at APA! a chance at life. Consider being a lifeline to a pet in need by becoming a foster today. It can really turn their life around — just look at Magnar.

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