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Austin Pets Alive! | How One South Texas Shelter is Doing the Most…

Feb 26, 2021

Austin Pets Alive! is serving as the headquarters for statewide response to the recent winter storms, which left thousands of pets at risk of euthanasia and in need of immediate help. We’re working with dozens of organizations across the country to get animals to safety through transports outside of Texas.

Many Texas shelters face a severe lack of resources to help the animals in their care. Damages from Winter Storm Uri have caused these shelters to pivot some of those resources from animal care into facility repairs, putting pets at risk of euthanasia.

Palm Valley Animal Society (PVAS) is just one of the animal shelters out of dozens we’re collaborating with to transport animals to northern states. PVAS is located on the Mexico border and takes in over 22,000 animals a year on a minuscule budget. In fact, they have over 500 animals in their shelter right now.

The fact that they are able to save more than 90% of the lives that come through their doors is a complete miracle. For a frame of reference, their budget is one quarter of Austin Pets Alive!’s annual budget and they serve more than double the amount of animals we do. In addition to saving cats and dogs, PVAS faces a city requirement to relocate possums off farmland. To say we’re impressed with this organization is an extreme understatement.

With that said, our American Pets Alive! team is at this shelter all week working with them to improve processes, make rescue and transport connections, and save more lives in this underserved and low resourced area. In our opinion, Palm Valley Animal Society is one of the hardest working animal shelters in the country, doing the most with the least. All animals deserve a chance at life and we want to do everything we can to help these pets live, so that’s why we’re focusing on transports and trying to move 1,000 animals in just two weeks to safety. And with your help, we won’t stop there.

Whatever you can give to us, please double it and give some to Palm Valley Animal Society. They’re our heroes and they should be yours too.

You can donate to Austin Pets Alive! here and donate to Palm Valley Animal Society here.

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