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Austin Pets Alive! | Fostering Saves Lives Like Zucchini’s

Jul 20, 2021

An absolutely adorable pup, Zucchini was heartworm positive and shy around people when he first arrived at APA!.

Despite his timid nature, he displayed signs of wanting to be close to people. There were clear signs when he was in playgroup that he wanted to give his love to someone, he just had to find the right person. Before Zucchini could be ready to do so, he needed a home to feel safe in. Shelter staff determined that placement in a foster home could really help Zucchini open up and manage his anxiety, so Zucchini found a temporary home with Bailey!

Bailey is a seasoned foster, and she wanted to help Zucchini adjust to living with people and grow his confidence. Bailey shared that, when considering potential adopters, she knew “he needed a low-traffic household with adopters who would be patient with him and give him time to settle in.” With this in mind, Bailey “made a point of selling his potential because he hadn’t quite fully opened up to [her] in the home” by showing adopters videos of Zucchini playing with toys. This sold his adopter, who was determined to give Zucchini a home and everything he needed to thrive. Zucchini has found his forever home and is now receiving treatment through APA! for his heartworms. He has opened up and continues to work through his anxiety with the help of his people.

When asked why she decided to foster, Bailey explained that fostering gives her a way “to help save these dogs, especially the undersocialized and fearful ones, and give them a safe and less stressful place to learn that people are not all bad.” Fosters are essential to helping the dogs at APA! overcome their behavioral challenges and match them with their forever home. Thanks to Bailey, these days you can find Zucchini basking in the sun at his forever home.

Do you have it in your heart to open up your home to a pup who just needs some time to recover? Become a foster today to help improve the lives of dogs just like Bailey:

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