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Austin Pets Alive! | Convey Residence Your One and Solely Pet for the Holidays

Oct 28, 2020

It’s cuddle season!

Are you dog-less and looking for a pal to get you through the cold, winter months? We have a long list of pups who are desperately looking for the Christmas miracle of finding a home for the holidays they can call their own, where there aren’t any other dogs, so that they can have their people all to themselves! Each of these rescue dogs are available for adoption to keep you company as you snuggle up with a blanket and turn on your favorite festive flick.

Alaza may be 10 years old, but that just means she has 10 years of wisdom to share as she cuddles up next to you on a chilly winter night! She has met a fair share of people in her lifetime and has found that most of them are pretty cool. Alaza is a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys a good walk and some cuddles. She doesn’t require much to keep her joyful, just a few loving hoomans who can give her the happy life she deserves.

This old, yet spunky lady is looking to be your one and only pup in a low-traffic home where she can curl up by the fire with adults and older teens! Find out more about Alaza here.

Rufus is like that goofy friend of yours who is always cracking you up and whose zest for life is contagious! He is happy doing just about anything, whether that’s zooming around the yard, chasing tennis balls, or lounging in mud puddles like the cutest little hippo you’ve ever seen. Once Rufus gets a few zoomies out of the way, he’s ready to lounge around and watch a movie marathon. No matter what he’s doing, he’s sure to be wearing a huge grin complete with his big tongue hanging out. Rufus’s amazing smile and wiggly butt are just about impossible to resist! APA!’s favorite little hippo lives big and loves big.

This pittopotamus is in the market for a home without little hoomans, and where he’s the only dog, preferably in a house or first floor apartment so that he can get those zoomies out whenever his heart desires. Get to know Rufus even more by viewing his web profile!

This handsome tall drink of eggnog is Rio! His interests include fetch, swimming, fetch, treats, fetch, and gently leaning into your leg for pets while you’re baking cookies. We should also mention that he loves playing fetch and will regularly do leaps and flips in the air trying to catch the ball.

Rio is a big guy, but he is very easy to walk on leash and enjoys going on a nice quiet walk around the neighborhood, taking in all the sights and smells while staying by your side at a nice pace. He’s also a smart pup who sits politely for treats and knows plenty of skills. Rio is a loving friend, easy to please and he’s more than ready to move on to his forever home where he would be the only pup in a low-key house or first floor apartment. Gift yourself the loving companionship of a sweet, handsome guy like Rio this holiday season and find out more about him here!

Spartacus is a doofus of a dog with beautiful hazel eyes, super soft fur, a smooshy face and wrinkles and rolls for days. He was neglected in his younger years, so he demands to be played with and loved as often as possible. This big mystical boy will happily dress up as Santa Paws if you grant his Christmas wish of adopting him!

Spartacus walks nicely on leash, knows sit and shake, is fully house-trained, and while he’s not a fan of crates, he does fine left home alone uncrated. Spartacus is very sweet with people and loves being the center of attention. He can make quite a ruckus when he’s in play mode, so he’d do best in a house where the shaking walls won’t disturb the neighbors!

This one-of-a-kind dreamy guy has his toys packed and is ready to go to a home with an adult human or two, where he can be their taste-tester and snuggle buddy. If this wrinkly guy catches your eye, take a look at his web profile to find out more.

If you’re an active person looking for a running buddy to burn off all of the Halloween candy you’ve consumed, Zydeco is the one for you! This high energy boy is so happy to get out into nature that he’ll press his face into the grass then wiggle-worm along for several feet. He also LOVES toys and can entertain himself with them if he can’t talk you into a game of fetch or tug of war. This exuberant pup just has so much love for life and he can’t wait to become part of yours!

Zydeco would thrive in a lower traffic, adult-only home with a yard and an active owner who enjoys spending their days lounging around the house in between walks and runs. We also believe he would be best as your one-and-only pet, but with Zydeco in your life, you couldn’t possibly need much more! Find out more about this beauty with a booty by viewing his online profile.


There are so many incredible dogs, how will you choose just one? Email [email protected] today to find out more information about any and all of these dogs! End 2020 on a positive note by bringing home a new best friend.

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