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Austin Pets Alive! | COLD WEATHER BLAST

Mar 01, 2021

If you haven’t read the latest on our response, daily stories are available on our social media and here.

1. Donate to help us today as we work around the clock to protect animals affected by the unprecedented cold.

2. Donate supplies/support to help.
We are currently asking for the following items and support. If you can help, please email [email protected] or come to our Town Lake shelter (1156 W Cesar Chavez). Supplies should be left in front of the Building B gate. *=priority items

Supplies/support needed:
– Are you a cat volunteer with us? We need help this week!
– Airline crates (plastic, used or new) 22″, up to 24″
– 30 gallon black trash bags
– White kitchen trash bags
– Cat carriers
– Canned cat food
– Disposable small plastic bowls for water
– Plastic spoons
– Pee pads
– Gallon zip lock bags
– Dog treats
– 8″ or larger heavy duty zip ties
– White duct tape
– Storage totes (example here)

3. Take care of your neighbors.

We are also encouraging Austinites to take care of animals and each other nearby in the aftermath of this crisis. Email [email protected] for help.

1. [email protected] and Facebook group
We have staff and volunteers answering [email protected] for those who need help with animals and making peer-to-peer connections via Facebook community members to help each other.

2. Supplies to help animals affected by the cold snap
Supplies donated to help animals in the cold are available outside our Town Lake shelter for those who can get there safely and need them.

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