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Austin Pets Alive! | Bubbles + Oluva: Two is Higher than One

Oct 15, 2020

“Bubbles, like many small & medium dogs, got a lot of inquiries… and I knew from the start, the timing could not be a factor. Finding the right adopter was the priority.”

A true Hurricane Harvey survivor, Bubbles had a rough start to life. Not only was he heartworm positive at one point, but later even diagnosed with non-surgical luxating patella and arthritis, meaning he needed joint supplements for life. His fearfulness towards human interaction and his deep anxiety had APA! staff suspecting that he might have been a street dog before he was taken in. Because of this, they recommended that Bubbles be adopted into a home with another dog companion to help him truly blossom and come out of his shell.

One of our fosters for Bubbles, Oluva Reinert, was no stranger to getting fosters into their furever homes. She had experience with many fosters in the past and knew how to handle Bubbles and his particular needs. Oluva recounts, “Bubbles is indeed a special guy! With any dog that has special circumstances, behavioral or medical, I always let PA’s know in the first response so they know what they sign up for. It’s easier for everyone if the PA realizes it’s not the dog for them from the first email, rather than after 1-2 meetings.” Bubbles was in good hands.

Oluva’s commitment to matching Bubbles with high-quality potential adopters had a lot to do with Bubble’s history of being a long stay shelter pup. She was committed to finding someone who would be as understanding and serious as he needed, “Bubbles, like many small/medium dogs, got a lot of inquiries, but for a long-stay, super-shy, dog-dependent pup like him, there are requirements for the potential adopter and I knew from the start, the timing could not be a factor. Finding the right adopter was the priority”

Her marketing expertise made all the difference in her mission to finding Bubbles a home, she said “As far as marketing, I did most of what I usually do, which includes an IG account @happily_ever_after_wanted. I use the same account for all foster dogs that come through my house. Easier to manage than setting up unique ones – plus it creates an interesting story-line. I also shared plenty of pics on APA foster and adopters Facebook groups as well as my own page.”

Bubbles found his happy ever after story in May 2020 when he was adopted to a home with an already existing sociable pupper. Oluva observed, “Bubbles still likes to stay in his comfort-zone-corner most of the day, but his (new) brother zooms around with toys, stashing them where Bubbles is – it’s pretty adorable!”

The love and persistence that fosters like you and Oluva provide for our pups is priceless, and we are incredibly grateful and appreciative of your efforts every day! We ask that you continue the support by considering fostering or giving today to allow APA! to provide these doggos like Bubbles, the resources to find their happy ever after story.

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