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Austin Pets Alive! | Austin Pets Alive! Publicizes Launch of 5-Star…

Jun 25, 2021

AUSTIN, TX — Austin Pets Alive! announces the launch of the Five-Star Foster Program. APA!’s Five-Star Foster Program places dogs with specific behavior management needs into appropriate foster homes in order to reduce their stress, continue their training, and teach them what a loving home environment is.

Five-Star Fosters provide training and socialization for their foster dogs and manage them in a safe and consistent manner with continual support from APA!’s renowned Dog Behavior Team. What makes the Five-Star Foster Program different from APA!’s main Dog Foster Program is the specific subset of dogs and home setups for those particular pups. Some may need an adult-only home; some thrive with a dog sibling and others may need a yard. The dogs eligible for the Five-Star Foster Program come in all shapes and sizes, with different kinds of homes.

“The five stars represent what our fosters selflessly give to these dogs: trust, rehabilitation, love, patience and training,” said Laura Thomas, APA! Dog Behavior Program Manager. “Opening your home to one of these special dogs is the ultimate form of lifesaving.”

Austin Pets Alive! takes in approximately 5,000 dogs every year from shelters that do not have enough space or resources to care for them. Some of those dogs have behavioral challenges that require more attention than a typical dog. Through APA!’s Five-Star Foster Program, these special dogs have a chance at finding their forever home through fosters who are willing to be consistent, patient, and loving.

To learn more about the Five-Star Foster Program, please watch this video. To apply to foster, please visit

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