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Austin Pets Alive! | Austin Pets Alive! Coordinates Lifesaving…

Feb 21, 2021

AUSTIN, TX — Austin Pets Alive! coordinated a massive transport rescue Saturday, getting more than 30 pets out of harm’s way from Texas shelters left without power, heat, and water due to Winter Storm Uri.

The 30+ cats and dogs were at risk of freezing to death or being euthanized at their original shelters in the Dallas area. Austin Pets Alive! had contacted every shelter in Texas over a week ago before the first wave of the storm hit to gauge emergency levels and begin lifesaving transport coordination. These dogs and cats in particular were received by Wright Way Rescue in the Chicago area, who has already found foster homes for the majority of the pets.

With roads mostly impassable for days, safety rescue transports were halted earlier in the week, but having them scheduled out kept the at-risk pets alive until driving conditions were safe. This lifesaving transport took over 14 hours on the road up to Wright Way once Texas highways cleared up from the ice.

Austin Pets Alive! so far has coordinated lifesaving transports for over 100 pets from shelters across Texas to Austin, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Wyoming, and Colorado, with an estimated 5,000 more pets in need of help in the coming weeks. To help these efforts, people can donate money, time, and/or supplies. See below for additional photos from this lifesaving transport:

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