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Austin Pets Alive! | #AmplifyLifesaving for pets like Zeus

Mar 04, 2021

When Zeus showed up at APA!’s doors he was in bad condition. At six years old, Zeus had suffered from untreated diabetes and an infected wound from a previous front leg amputation. This combination can scare off potential fosters and adopters, but we know our APA! family is fearlessly dedicated to lifesaving.

Zeus showing off his tripod status

Josefina is a veterinary technician who was looking to adopt an older cat with chronic conditions, since she knew how to care for pets in need. For her, Zeus was the perfect match.

“I saw him online and absolutely fell in love with him,” she said. “When I saw him, I knew that he needed someone who was willing to put in all of the necessary time and effort to help him, and I knew that I could do it.

Initially, Josefina was worried Zeus wouldn’t survive. His amputation wound took up half of his left side. She took him to the clinic she worked at and did everything she could to help close the wound. After several surgeries and months of antibiotics, fungal medication, and bandage changes, Zeus was on the road to recovery.

“After a long, long time his wound finally healed and he actually went into diabetic remission, so getting him the correct treatment made the biggest difference in the world for him,” she said. “He is doing great now; he loves his siblings, and he really, really loves food.”

Zeus hunting for treats in Josefina’s fridge

Josefina is just one of thousands of adopters who have dedicated so much time and energy to ensuring pets like Zeus get the care they need to survive. With support from adopters, fosters, and donors alike, we can ensure that pets like Zeus are safe from the threat of euthanasia.

“I definitely think that he understands everything that we did for him and his quality of life,” she said. “He knows that he will always be part of my family. Him and my other cats mean absolutely everything to me.”

You can join Josefina and #AmplifyLifesaving for pets like Zeus by making an Amplify Austin gift today. All gifts will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous donor! That’s twice the care, cuddles, and yes, twice the treats for pets like Zeus.

Will you #AmplifyLifesaving today?

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