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A Theft – Angel Canine Diary

A theft has happened to one of Zorro’s Zecurity clients. It was 10 bags of Heavenly Snacks that was stolen the night Loba went to sleep!

The client is very upset and is demanding compensation and the 6 tins he paid for a year of security service back. He also wants the stolen snacks recovered.

Goldie quickly got the lawyers out and pointed to page 36, section 5, paragraph 9 that said that Zorro’s Zecurity is not responsible for any theft of vandalism! Oh yes, there is such a clause, I had to put on my glasses and read it, it is in very fine print. The client said he had not read the contract and he can’t read anyway. He then got even angrier, and the lawyers told him that violence is not allowed and if he does not calm down, they make sure he gets thrown out of Doggy Heaven.

Goldie never talked to Loba about her lack of patrolling, but I heard Goldie say that Loba is unreliable, and they should put something negative in her file.

I am not sure I want to work in this company, I am only doing it for Zorro. I was so upset I took a long walk, and then I noticed a number of empty Heavenly Snacks wrappers near the coyote area.

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