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A particular supply from Dodson & Horrell to assist lower your expenses in your feed invoice *Promotion*

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    Dodson & Horrell’s Pasture Mix has been a well-loved favourite of horses, ponies, and owners for decades. And there is a reason it still occupies this central space in feeding.

    Pasture Mix has a broad range of suitability and an adaptable feeding rate that can move with the changing needs of our horses and ponies through the seasons. Its versatility can reduce the need for major feeding changes just before winter, instead offering a product that can be used year round with a minimal feeding rate tweaks upwards or downwards in response to body condition or workload.

    Here’s what you need to know about Dodson & Horrell’s Pasture Mix:

    • Oat-grain free – oat grains contain the vast majority of energy and starch within the oat plant, whereas other oat plant products such as oat feed, oat husk, or oat straw contain a much greater proportion of fibre and less of the calories and starch. Dodson & Horrell utilises these high-fibre parts of the plant and not the grains to support cool headedness.
    • Low protein – horses obtain most of the protein they need each day from the forage they eat. Protein is also one of the three main energy sources, with the others stemming from oils and carbohydrates. The levels contained in Pasture Mix are well suited to the vast majority horses and ponies in light and medium workloads, who are hacking, schooling, and competing as part of that schedule. Pasture Mix can also be a good option for horses or ponies who specifically need a low protein diet, at the recommendation of their vet.
    • Garlic, mint, and carrots – three of the most supplemented items in an equine’s diet, built straight in for added flavour.
    • Pasture herbal blend – the legendary herbal blend that gives Pasture Mix its reputation of excellent palatability to tempt even the fussiest of feeders and Dodson & Horrell’s feed rooms the aroma of a delicious equine spice cupboard.

    D&H Performance Yard Shoot Richard Jones

    Pasture Mix is also a tried and trusted choice. Being fully balanced, it contains all the daily vitamins and minerals needed in horses and ponies diets each day to compliment their forage when fed at the recommended rate, negating the need for extra supplementation with vitamins and minerals, or the use of a balancer alongside it.

    Dodson & Horrell’s pasture herbal blend has helped win Pasture Mix its reputation for palatability. That, in combination with its non-heating recipe, safeguards its suitability for a wide range of horses and ponies, making it a favourite in livery yards with centralised feeding, as it can cut down on the number of products stored in the feed room.

    Using less products more frequently also helps ensure feeds stay fresh and horses and ponies remain happy dinner time customers.

    D&H Performance Yard Shoot Richard Jones

    With very sensible inclusions of proteins, oils, and carbohydrates, Pasture Mix offers a product with the calorie content to support horses and ponies in light to medium work. That might include hacking a few times a week through to schooling more regularly and onto competitions or Pony Club events. Pasture Mix is a product that has been in the repertoire at Dodson & Horrell for this long because the company trusts it to deliver excellent results to clients’ loved equine family members.

    Pasture Mix is pretty great on its own, but if you’re looking for a short chop fibre to pair with it, it partners nicely with Fibre Fusion, a product that is equally unique to Dodson & Horrell, and offers the equivalent palatability promise within its forage range.

    Dodson & Horrell think it is incredibly important to ensure every horse and pony is being fed a diet that is balanced, healthy, and well-suited to their individual needs. The company welcomes any questions about specific horses or ponies through its nutritional helpline, available via the live chat system on, by phone on 01270 782223, by email on, or through the company’s free Feed Review service found in “The Feed Room” section of its website.

    How to feed Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix

    Pasture Mix should be fed at 400g-1kg per 100kg of bodyweight. This equates to a range of 2kg through to 5kg for the average 500kg horse. Each Stubbs scoop contains approximately 1.6kg of Pasture Mix, so a 500kg horse in light work, or working towards condition loss, would likely do well on ¾ of a Stubbs scoop delivered twice per day. A horse in medium work or in need or extra support of condition, would do well on one scoop delivered three times per day.

    Breaking the total amount of hard feed delivered per day down into two to three meals, helps support healthy feeding behaviour and digestion.

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