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6 issues it is best to by no means say to a present secretary

  • Shows could not go ahead without the vital show secretary, but it can be a thankless task at times. Here are six things you should never say to a secretary to help keep yourself out of their bad books…

    1. “I know it’s 9.30pm the night before the show, but I’m ringing to ask if I can change my times, please?”

    You shouldn’t be calling someone you don’t know at that time of night. Simple.

    2. Not bothering to let them know if you aren’t able to attend.

    Being a no-show at a competition without telling the secretary isn’t just unhelpful, but it’s also quite rude.

    3. “I know I said I would help volunteer at your show tomorrow, but I’m going for lunch with my friend now, so I’m not going to be able to help”

    Emergencies can occur which might mean you can no longer help, but leaving a show secretary in the lurch for a poor reason is a pretty shabby thing to do.

    4. “Do you not know who I am?”

    No matter who you are, barking requests to the show secretary on the day of the show is unlikely to get you further than if you were just polite.

    5. “Can I pay you next week?”

    If you can’t afford to pay your entry fee before or on the day of the show, you shouldn’t go.

    6. A little gratitude goes a long way…

    And don’t forget to thank the show secretary afterwards. If you aren’t allowed or able to do so in person, then an email afterwards is likely to be appreciated.

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