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35 Meals Suggestions for Yorkies with Delicate Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Yorkie! We asked our 800,000 members from Yorkie community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Yorkie with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Yorkie’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

35 Best Foods for a Yorkie with a Sensitive Tummy

Instinct Raw. Comes frozen in little bites, I thaw what’s necessary for each meal. Another important step is to have, allergy testing, environmental, and food. Made all the difference! My little one is allergic to several foods, once the foods were eliminated she’s doing so much better! She’s been eating raw for 6 yrs!

Author: Donna M.

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Boil boneless, skinless chicken (breasts or tenders). Once cooked, use the water you boiled the chicken in to cook instant rice. Once it is all cooked and cooled, chop up the chicken and mix it in with the rice.

Author: Shari S.

Likes: 49

Mine was on a prescription diet.Hills Science Diet ID low fat.He had a very serious IBS condition. He was on the kibble for a few years and then on the wet food the last several years.

Author: Jenny M.

Likes: 32

Royal canine is highly recommended

Author: Julie T.

Likes: 81

My 11.5 yr old boy is on Royal Canine for Yorkie’s also a serving of wet food and chicken or ground beef with rice cooked up.

Author: Susie N.

Likes: 16

Wellness has a line for dogs with sensitivities. Not a bunch of fillers and good ingredients.

Author: Drita M.

Likes: 11

Royal Canine. Used it for all of my Yorkies and still do. Also I find if you can get them to eat a little bit in the morning it helps thier stomach And a little bit throughout the day. Even just a few pieces. Sometimes I feed out of my hand. Yorkies are very finicky eaters.

Author: Susie Pagel- M.

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I buy the Purina Pro Plan- they have one with salmon and one with lamb. My vet suggested it because one of my babies has Pancreatitis.

Author: Pollette J.

Likes: 4

Freshpet my Macy has a sensitive tommy I tried all the expensive vet stuff and that is the only food she eats and not have problems like all that expensive stuff. Albertsons has it Walmart has it and it’s good and fresh

Author: Karola S.

Likes: 1

V-dog and Dr. Harvey’s dog food. My Yorkie has been on a vegetarian diet for going on two years, and all of her kidney and other stomach issues are gone.

Author: Jimena M.

Likes: 1

Primal raw is the best solution . Rabies one and done , no flea and tick use only wonderside spray , puppy shots and done . Give PetMoringa BALACE DAILY . I believe heartworm or flea meds caused my babies seizures and or pancreatitis and passing of blood . She was on Kibble ( burnt food full of synthetics ) then vet put her on science diet ID which is the worst ! Feed poison , treat with poison and you get a slowly poisoned dog . All natural here ! Raw meat , marrow bones . Homemade is best but don’t cook it , you lose all the nutrients. I might sound crazy but I will not lose another to poor diet . Following Cathy’s yorkies tips and suggestions . She specializes in nutrition for dogs

Author: Debi O.

Likes: 2

I have a 12 yr old Yorkie who we went through months of this. Tried just about everything. Finally tried Fresh Pet Vital. No more diarrhea, perfect poops and no more tummy troubles!! I was so grateful to find something that worked for her. My little LucyLou!!

Author: Libby M.

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Fresh Pet, it has been good for my 14 year old Yorki

Author: David P.

Likes: 1

Taste Of The Wild. Mine loves it and zero tummy issues. I had problems with so many brands! Either she couldn’t poop or she never stopped pooping. Also, it’s more filling so after a few days, it takes less food to fill her up. It costs more but since she eats less, the cost is really about the same.

Author: Karen Ferrell W.

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I’ve had success with blue buffalo for small dogs, canned and soft

Author: Nancy Jolly N.

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I had a Yorkie with a very bad grain allergy did Blue Buffalo grain free small breed. My current Yorkie did the same but he’s very old now and has lost almost all his teeth so he does their moist food now. (We tried many kinds BB was the best )

Author: Jennifer H.

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Primal raw! Comes in little bites or cubes, so good for their joints too

Author: Kelly S.

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We have had ours on Royal Cannine low fat gastrointestinal for many years now. Keep the dry kibble out for her whenever she wants it and feed the wet canned food twice daily. It has helped. She still has occasional tummy issues but it is much better.PS- i have a VERY finicky eater. Rice, chicken, scrambled eggs. All the usual bland foods you give a little fur baby when not feeling good, she won’t touch. Doesn’t like treats either.

Author: Aileen C.

Likes: 2

Mine has pancreatitis also and I have tried everything. The best I have found is Cesar. I know it’s probably not the best but we have had less issues with this than the prescription ones.

Author: Dana Wahl W.

Likes: 1

Cooked and cooled veggies. Broccoli, carrots, like that, but no corn. Thats bad for their stomachs

Author: Yvonne Roloff K.

Likes: 3

Nutro for sensitive stomach is what my lil Yorkie has eaten for awhile now. And keep pure can pumpkin on hand.

Author: Janie Addair C.

Likes: 1

My baby had a sensitive tummy and I fed him Eukanuba for small dogs. It was pricy compared to other foods but it worked so it was well worth it to us.

Author: Amanda R.

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Purina pro plan small breed sensitive stomach. I have a small mix breed similar to a yorkie and he has always had stomach problems with most foods. He does great with the Purina pro plan.

Author: Amy Rast H.

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Wellness for both of my kids and they also love pomegranate and berries treats

Author: Candy C.

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This is what my girls eat, they have very sensitive stomachs

Author: Nicki Wingate N.

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My Yorkie was the same way! I found this! He loves it and it doesn’t make him sick.

Author: Lynne Knight T.

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I have two Yorkies and I buy them Hills science diet sensitive stomach & skin it seems to do alright for them

Author: Tony M.

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My yorkies are very sensitive to almost every food until our new vet recommended Purina pro plan EN. We haven’t had an issue since we change! The best. We give them both kibble and wet it works like a charm.

Author: Vanessa M.

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Purina Pro Plan small breed for sensitive stomach & skin. I add a teaspoon of 100% pumpkin.

Author: Sheila J.

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Purina One Lamb and Rice I’ve had 4 Yorkie in the past and that’s what Dr Faulkner recommended for my Yorkies!

Author: Betty H.

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Hills Science diet for sensitive stomachs Vet prescription.I have it auto delivered from Chewy

Author: Barbara S.

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iams that is all i can feed my yorkie and it prevents hairball sickness too

Author: Elizabeth D.

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I make a pot of boiled chicken (shredded), canned carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, brown rice, scrambled eggs and gravy. Bag it up in about 3 cup servings and freeze it, and feed her accordingly. She’s very picky, at least I know what’s in it, she is 8 years old and doesn’t have many teeth, so this works well

Author: Brindy B.

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I used to boil boneless chicken white rice and tiny slices of carrots store it in baggies in the freezer but keep a couple bags in the refrigerator for the week take one out as needed depending on the weight of your dog mine was 3lbs so he didn’t eat as much as some

Author: Barbara M.

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Our baby has pancreatitis and now we only feed her little Cesar moist and their dry food.

Author: Beth J.

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