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35 Dachshund Memorial Concepts

If you or someone you know recently lost their Dachshund, our hearts go out to you! We believe our fur-babies may be gone, but they will always be with us in our hearts. ❤️🌈😥

We asked the members of our I Love My Dachshund community on Facebook the following question: For those of you who have lost a pup, would you mind sharing what you’ve done? We received hundreds of amazing responses along with photos. We’ve highlighted some of the most unique pit bull memorial ideas below. 

35 Heartfelt Memorial Ideas for Your Dachshund, from our Dachshund Community

Never in my life did I ever want a tattoo (I’m nearly 70), until I lost my little Wolfie! The pain of losing him was excruciating and intolerable! I can honestly say I went abit crazy for a time! Didn’t think there was a better way to memorialize hi… See more

Author: Chuck M.

We put our old girls ashes, collar, and photo in tea pots, that represented their personalities.Lucy was named after Lucille Ball, she was red, quirky and funny.Meg was always an old soul but very spritely.… See more

Author: Sue S.

Not really unique, but very special. Oatmeal was our precious baby that was lost in Nov.- he was 18.

Author: Sharon Ronzello M.

My husband ordered this for our Toby.

Author: Penny Jean S.

Had this custom phone case made of my sweet Baylee girl (Big B for short). She passed away in May

Author: Brooke L.

All 3 we’ve lost have been cremated and are in their wooden boxes with their names and pictures. I have tattoos of the paw prints of 2 of them. Some of my coworkers took a small amount of ashes from my wirehaired and had this made. His ashes are incorporated into it.

Author: Mary S.

Rainbow bridge hearts…. I had a custom heart made with some of my boy’s ashes

Author: Angie K.

I built a coffin from Cypress and lined it with her favorite bed, blanket and toys. After burial I covered the grave with a marble slab.

Author: Dirk C.

I have some of my Poppy’s ashes in a small metal urn buried underneath a rose bush. The rest are in a special box in my house.

Author: Pauline M.

I mixed her ashes with resin and made a pair of earrings, it was jewelry I would actually wear. I’ve brought her to the pow wow, on vacation, days I miss her

Author: Jasmine A.

I miss my Daisy Mae.

Author: Karon Krankowsky C.

My Smooshy is right when you walk in the house. At the bottom of the stairs. So he can see that i’m home and I say good night going up to bed.

Author: Laura L.

I found this cool urn at an antique shop. He is the centerpiece on my mantle so he can still hang out and watch movies with me

Author: Niki S.

I had a custom urn made with her photo printed on the front!

Author: Barbie G.

My precious Asher. Passed away 8/16/21. Miss him so much!

Author: April W.

Our doxie, Maddy, just passed away last week and my husband had this made for me

Author: Keri Pitman B.

She is always on my nightstand so I see her everyday

Author: Jamie C.

Baxter was my Heart dog, it’s a comfort having him here with me.

Author: Pam N.

A huge thank you to our Vet from the bottom of our hearts for her cremation and putting her in this beautiful box, along with her paw print cast! They have cared for her since she was 6 months old, and have always been pleasant, and attentive with her!… See more

Author: Hope H.

This was for my Zeus; I painted a canvas black wrapped the canvas with a dachshund scarf and took all of his dog licenses he ever had and made a “Z” out of them. I see it every morning

Author: MaryJo L.

My favorite boy was memorialized on my arm years ago. Now I have a sleeve of all my babies. Those still with me or gone.

Author: Cheryl B.

There is also cuddle clones.. they make “stuffy” of your pet from photos etc plus they do ornaments, blankets, slippers, golf club covers etc…

Author: Vivian Q.

This is where our boys are. Every spring the lilies reemerge and bloom to show us they are still with us and still bringing some pleasure, happiness, and joy to us.

Author: Sergei C.

I made a shadow box of our baby.. with lots of photos for the almost 15 years we had him!! Also included his collar and I’d tag and his footprints after he passed

Author: Deborah B.

The pink balloon with the broken string is my girl going to heaven the two blue balloons are her boys Oscar and Felix

Author: Barbara Ann R.

There is an artist on Etsy that makes silver charms of pets from photos for necklace, bracelet, keychain earrings etc… called DiBaDog…. I got a bracelet to remember my little dachshund Snickers, so he is always with me…

Author: Vivian Q.

My little girl Lucy passed in June. We have her ashes in a stunning Louis Vuitton box with her collar inside.

Author: Karl Andrew M.

Made out of Dexter’s blanket.

Author: Ruth Fischbein L.

Garden of Love and Sorrow

Author: Greg P.

The paw prints are electric and light up at night. Like to think its Rocky still lighting up the world.

Author: JayR Valdez I.

My Bella

Author: Angela Ooten M.

Garden memorial for our girl Zoe

Author: Margi B.

I had a necklace made. Her name on the front, our 2 favorite nicknames on the sides and her birth-death dates on the back against my chest.

Author: April M.

Had a mosaic stone made for our garden

Author: Michelle R.

On our last day together, I got her paw prints on canvas

Author: Justina Funk P.

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