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32 Distinctive Pug Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new pug and looking for a unique, original or funny pug name? Whether you’re bringing home a new pug puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Pug Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your pug have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new pug.

32 Original Pug Puppy Name Ideas

My rescue Pepper Ann! I’ve had her for 8yrs.

Author: Charlotte K.

Our sweet boy’s name isMr. George. T. Dickelaka. I’m da pug ‘woof’ h… See more

Author: Pat M.

Buko which means young coconut in Tagalog. He’s not so young anymore but he’s still hard headed like one at times. It’s also my favorite flavor of ice cream at my local shop here in San Francisco

Author: Richard L.

Womble and Pixie

Author: Jason L.

Sir Puglas My first foster. He was so awesome I adopted him. His name is very fitting.

Author: Stephanie A.

Doogie Bowser just turned 12 last month

Author: Celina Auber W.

This is Shoki. Named after the Chinese deity meaning ‘the demon queller – protector of hearth and home’!

Author: Monica Tuma C.

His name is Bandit and he’s a one eyed dog!

Author: Paw T.

sassy, shady, and sparky

Author: Kristi H.

Keterah, we call her Ketty. We adopted her thru AZ Pug Rescue.

Author: Lee Young O.

Since we are Ford Mustang fans, our little girl Pug was ‘Shelby’ and her brother was ‘GT.’

Author: Jim W.

Smack . After the band godsmack

Author: Darcy P.

Our boy, Atticus

Author: Melissa G.

Catori. Means spirit in Native American.

Author: Tracy S.

This is Ali with an “I” because she needed one

Author: Elaine O.

Theo and Nellie

Author: Amy Lynn K.

This is ‘Bong’. He’s a 7yr old Pug/Beagle mix

Author: Dianne S.

KC after my brother who passed away this year! His name was Kevin Carlin

Author: Tori F. V.

Lily Auli’i Minami. Auli’i means cute and dainty in Hawaiian Lily The Aloha Pug

Author: Lily The Aloha P.

Maggie May and Reggie Ray

Author: Ann F.

Sir Maxen the Notorious

Author: Elizabeth L.

Frank & lily

Author: Jayne B.

King Henry VIII

Author: Debra B.


Author: Kimberly V.

Her name is Wasabi

Author: Jenn B.

Walter Heisenberg White

Author: Jonathon D.

This is Jackson AKA Jackyll McNackyll (RIP) admiring himself

Author: John W.

Lady Penelope Pugglesworth

Author: Anthony G.

My pugalier is called Mee Goreng he went to the rainbow bridge 4 weeks ago

Author: John Z.

Lillian Munster Von Frankenstein

Author: Allison F.

Mr. Moochie (also Muchas Gracias since we are in San Antonio )

Author: Robin Goodrich W.

Declan Shamus Madigan Ward

Author: Gwen W.

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