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30 Meals Suggestions for Pugs with Delicate Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Pug! We asked our 800,000 members from Pug community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Pug with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Pug’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

30 Best Foods for a Pug with a Sensitive Tummy

Hill’s prescription diet for food sensitivities duck and rice.Both my pugs are on this and love it. One of them has 51 allergies

Author: Deb E.

Likes: 14

Blue Buffalo lamb and rice hands down! Better than Science Diet, no corn or chicken for sensitive dogs. It took months of our pug mix vomiting every day to realize he couldn’t handle corn. Chicken is also a problem for many dogs.

Author: JoAnna Crawford W.

Likes: 6

Royal Canin for sure! My Pug had constant diarrhoea for the first 6 months of his life, but when I spoke to a vet friend, she said her pug was on Royal Canin Pug food, and to give it a try. It improved his digestion massively, and even to this day, he is still on the brand, but is on the Satiety Weight Management food.

Author: Natalie Jayne J.

Likes: 6

Called for sensitive stomach from tractor supply is what we gave our senior pug it really even helps with skin allergies he had too

Author: Lynne D.

Likes: 1

Hills Science Diet for sensitive stomach. Comes in both wet and dry.

Author: Nancy C.

Likes: 2

I cook for my two as well, best thing I ever did but one of them is getting the poops again .. feels like I get her sorted and it comes back.. I had been using white rice as you can see I’m not the only one, but, did read that we should be using brown rice and not white. I’ve since switched and hoping for the best. Anyone opinion ?

Author: Lisa D.

Likes: 1

I use Fromm food, wet & dry mixed. Most of it grain free. No tummy issues here.

Author: Debbie W.

Likes: 0

Hills science diet has changed my boys life. I highly recommend

Author: Samantha M.

Likes: 2

Hill’s Science Diet sensitive stomach my pugs love this

Author: Julie C.

Likes: 1

FROMM brand has done wonderful for my pug. No gas and no vomit

Author: Denisse Paolla Contreras H.

Likes: 3

I have been using Nature Diet for over 25 years brilliant .

Author: Barbara B.

Likes: 0

Farmers Dog. Best food ever!!

Author: Mary Jo C.

Likes: 1

Fresh pet. In refrigerated section in dog food aisle.

Author: Wendy Romick D.

Likes: 3

Blue buffalo is what my pugs eat!!

Author: Kyla J.

Likes: 1

We used Fresh Pet for our three puggies.

Author: Doris H.

Likes: 0

My grand dog has a sensitive tummy and she loves The Farmers Dog

Author: Marilee K.

Likes: 0

Been feeding my pug Taste of the Wild for yrs. She is 10 and still acts like a pup

Author: Stephanie M L.

Likes: 0

I use pedigrees high protein with red meat and if Lola has an upset tummy I give her raw eggs with milk with cut up bread she loves it and cleans her bowl.

Author: Karen Dykes P.

Likes: 0

My pug went on A Taste Of the Wild grain free food (Salmon) on it for 13 years. No issues. About 30.00 every month and a half.

Author: Deb D.

Likes: 0

This is what my pug has and never have a problem xx

Author: Susan V.

Likes: 0

Honest Kitchen, you can find them on the internet. Our pug has to be grain free. Plus if you think it’s an acid reflux problem, you pup can take pepcifld ac. Ask your vet about it.

Author: Andee P.

Likes: 1

I tried all the expensive brands and Cooper could not digest any of them I tried Pedigree and he was fine ever since

Author: Keith G.

Likes: 1

Home made using real ingredients. I use chicken, pork and sometimes beef along with green beans, carrots and brown rice. Not too much rice though.

Author: Christine F.

Likes: 1

Purina pro plan hypoallergenic . The only one that works for our pug frizzi that has an extreme sensitive stomach.

Author: Tiziana Ragno A.

Likes: 0

Fresh pet my pugs have same problem and night snack Ativan yougart. They are all good now .

Author: Dianne H.

Likes: 0

Royal canin sensitivity or gastrointestinal

Author: Katie-may B.

Likes: 0

Purina Pro-Plan….I had to put my pug on the sensitive stomach formula of purina pro-plan and it has made a huge difference

Author: Sherri C.

Likes: 0

Burns Sensitive pork and potato

Author: Kate B.

Likes: 0

Simply Nourish Grain Free Salmon

Author: Bethanie R.

Likes: 0

Purina’s Pro plan for sensitive skin & stomach

Author: Carol S.

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