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25 Meals Suggestions for Rottweilers with Delicate Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Rottweiler! We asked our 800,000 members from Rottweiler community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Rottweiler with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Rottweiler’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

25 Best Foods for a Rottweiler with a Sensitive Tummy

I’ve had great luck with Canine Caviar but would feed white rice, pumpkin, and boiled chicken for a while until things calm down.

Author: Whimsy W.

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Nutro is what all line get. They don’t eat as much. Less pooping and rain melts it away. It ain’t cheap though but you don’t have to buy as much.

Author: Jimmy H.

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My first Rottie had a very sensitive stomach – back then we fed Purina One lamb and rice – he did well on it. There are other good brands that cater to this now so you probably have quite a choice. Most are very expensive tho’. I have my little dog on Royal Canin low fat gastrointestinal kibble and canned food. She does great on it but it’s very expensive.

Author: Kathleen C.

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Purina pro plan sensitive stomach, helped my baby

Author: Nedra W.

Likes: 7

This is what I feed best ever also no gas

Author: Jamie B.

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My rottie also has sensitive stomach..tried everything, she’s in Rachel ray chix and veggies, seems to be the only one that agrees with her. Sometimes I’ll add in a little pumpkin. And when she gets upset belly from eating something outside of course it’s chix and rice for a few meals. But def Rachel ray chix and veggies! Good luck

Author: Jenine Giaquinto G.

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My Rottie has a sensitive tummy….tried Fromme, Fresh Pet, etc. This food has finally agreed with him and both pups live it!

Author: Lynn Jacques B.

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Canine Caviar Special Needs. Did wonders for my girl.

Author: Yzabel B.

Likes: 2

A lot of dogs are allergic to chicken.I would feed rice, hamburger and pumpkin until she feels better. Good luck.

Author: Marie B.

Likes: 1

Hills prescription diet Winston gets gas x before each meal and a pre and probiotic in his food,,had bloat twice and this has worked for two years,,,,very expensive as he goes through four cans a day but it keeps him out of the vet,,

Author: Wendy Mc Daniel H.

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Iams Large Breed with canned green beans.

Author: Bill A.

Likes: 3

I cook mine steamed rice, carrots and chicken. He doesn’t eat his hard food without it. Also, pumpkin puree works well. Not pumpkin filling though. Has to be puree.

Author: Heather F.

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I would use instinct gut health I would also add plain yogurt high in probiotics and some canned pure pumpkin

Author: Alison D N.

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Rachel ray canned for digestive issues is good but what is really fantastic in my opinion is The Farmhouse Dog. You order on line and tell them if your breed has any active issues such as stomach, itching, needed weight loss etc. you can do a trial for around 50-60 bucks. It’s sent frozen and it’s proportioned to your breed. We started our five year old on it and he loves it. We have seen an improvement in his weight coat and itching already. Unfortunate side it expensive for a Rottweiler due to their size. We are paying 120 a week. We’re hoping to keep him on it temporarily. When it comes to my rotties I will do anything to help them have a great life. Rottweilers are known for stomach issues such as regurgitation etc. prilosic may help but check with your vet. Good luck.

Author: Sherri J.

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We use Iams for sensitive stomach and Pet Fresh sensitive digestion.

Author: Bob E.

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Hills Science or Buffalo Blue. My vet recommended I boil lean ground beef and chicken add brown rice and sweet potato. He prescribed a supplement. After my boy got over it. I would do half prescribed food and half cup of cooked food. He did well. And we gave frozen green beans as a snack.

Author: Arvla Yvonne G.

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Farmers Dog. Their food is awesome. I recommend them every day!!!

Author: Dawn B.

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Brown Rice, steamed ground lean turkey, pumpkin and greek yogurt

Author: Andy C.

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Royal canin sensitive stomach ! My rottie used too eat it he had sensitive stomach also dont feed when they are hot food needs too be elavated too ! If he at after playing and was hot out ot came

Author: Tracy P.

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Acana beef and pumpkin works for my sensitive girl. We found out she cant eat kibble with chicken but can eat fresh boiled chicken. She also has stewed beef with zuchini and 90% lean burger added to crunchies. We soak it in warm water till its soft before she eats the kibble. If she happens to get a loose stool Diggn firm up on chewy makes a pumpkin apple pectin powder that helps right away

Author: Patricia L.

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We use 4 Health Sensitive Stomach kibble from Tractor Supply.

Author: Erika P.

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I’ve had good luck with Taste of the wild grain free formula. And we add goats milk to the morning feeding

Author: Amber M.

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Fromm. It’s the only thing we feed our dogs and no table food or grocery store treats. All natural treats. Our Rottie would get sick on anything else. Unless you want to make them homemade food, but you have to know what your doing to give them what thier body’s need.

Author: Erica M.

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Purina One for sensitive stomachs, it’s a good brand and not overly expensive.

Author: Inna D.

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anything with lamb, we used to have one and we used IAMs with lamb

Author: Bev B.

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