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21 Humorous Social Media Posts Starring The Skills Of Cats & Canines

If a movie were to be made about your furry bestie, what kind of film would it be? Do you have cats and dogs who love to get silly, making them a perfect fit for a comedy? If your cat thunders through the house on paws of fury, or you’ve got a pup that loves to do hair-raising stunts, it sounds like an action movie in your home. Or might you live with critters of creepiness who love to stalk and pounce, putting you in the center of a thriller at every turn?

Whatever genre your cats and dogs fall into, one thing is certain…your furry talent is a superstar! And thanks to social media, you can share your superstar’s antics with the world. Or, you can enjoy some of the other talented cats and dogs lighting up screens with this week’s social media roundup.

21 Funny Posts Starring the Talents of Cats and Dogs

#1 – That last one is the most special time…

#2 – Walter says no more treats will make his life a horror movie…

#3 – Purrfectly logical

#4 – Who needs a couch when Dad makes a fine place to sit.

#5 – He says you weren’t dress-code compliant…

#6 – Pure trickery!

#7 – Just looking for the introverts section. Thank you.

#8 – Here’s to one of the best questions ever asked!

#9 – Never doubt the power of the purr!

#10 – Whatever the reason behind this photo, it’s good.

#11 – I’ll take a dozen, please.

#12 – You can’t get mad when the dog is just so darn clever!

#13 – I’m a sucker for that cat-eye liner.

#14 – The dog behind this is a rebel who won’t be told how to live…

#15 – He’s got moves and classy style in his tuxedo…

@sammyboyzz Does someone know why he does it? #cat #catsoftiktok #katze #katzenvideos #everybodydancenow ♬ Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – Dance Anthem

#16 – His judgment? You are acceptable; now make with the treats!

#17 – The cats would like to make a PSA about the difference between boxes and carriers. Here is their spokeskitten…

#18 – Ugh…fine.

#19 – Quality time…

#20 – This freakout is right up there with hearing the doorbell…

#21 – It was a good run, but the cat’s comfort is everything.

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Feature Image: @imgur/Instagram & @dogsbeingmemes/Instagram

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