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2020-2021 BirdSpotter Grand Prize Winners!

March 19, 2021

| Jelly Squabble! by Pam Garcia |

This year’s BirdSpotter contest was once again full of bright, creative, and beautiful photos of birds. We received over 1,900 entries and all garnering more than 6,700 votes to help us choose our Judges’ Choice, People’s Choice, and Grand Prize winners! Without further ado, here are our top three Grand Prize winners for this year’s contest:

Congratulations first to Pam Garcia, of Mansfield, LA for winning our top Grand Prize spot! Pam’s photo is pictured above and shows four species: Baltimore Oriole, Blue Jay, Red-bellied Woodpecker, and can you spot the Northern Cardinal? She caught these birds while they were all circled around a prized bit of food: grape jelly served in an orange rind. Pam also won People’s Choice in Category 2: It’s a Numbers’ Game.

Our second-place Grand Prize winner was Deborah Yaworsky of Olean, NY. She also won a People’s Choice award in our sixth category, “Fantastic Females” with this lovely photo of a female Northern Cardinal (left). Deborah says that cardinals and snow are made for each other – and we agree! Did you know that Northern Cardinals actually do appear brighter in wintertime? You can learn more about this fascinating phenomenon here. If you live the eastern half of the continent, you can attract this species to your feeders with sunflower seeds, safflower, cracked corn, peanut hearts, millet and milo.

Finally, our third-place Grand Prize winner was Robert Hechler, of Vancouver, BC. Robert was a People’s Choice winner in our final Category, “Rainbow Birds.” Robert snapped this photo of an Anna’s Hummingbird while on a study break at the University of British Columbia. Anna’s Hummingbirds are common to urban and suburban settings, as well as wilder places like oak savannahs and open woodland. If you live in the West, try attracting them with sugar water – a 1:4 sugar to water ratio is sufficient. Be sure not to add any dyes or special sugars as they may be harmful; plain white sugar and tap water is best. If it’s particularly cold, you can increase the ratio to 1:3. Learn more about this species here.

Thanks to our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited for providing great prizes to all of our winners this season! And, of course, a huge thank you to all who submitted, commented, viewed and voted in the contest this year. To view other winners, please visit our BirdSpotter homepage.

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