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20 Shih Tzu Homeowners Share Greatest Shampoos for Itchy & Delicate Pores and skin

There’s nothing worse than watching your Shih Tzu suffers from itchy skin allergies. We asked our community of over 800,000 Shih Tzu owners the following question: What shampoo do you recommend for a Shih Tzu with itchy or sensitive skin? We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Shih Tzu’s health;

20 Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos for Shih Tzu’s with Itchy/Sensitive Skin

I use Hartz oatmeal baby powder fragrance. Soothes skin and smells so good.

Author: Karen Renfrow L.

Likes: 25

Always consult your Veterinarian!

Author: Roberta Rowe W.

Likes: 1

I use Dr. Pol oatmeal shampoo. She smells just like an oatmeal cookie so yummy. And no itchy skin.

Author: Ann C.

Likes: 27

An allergy shot! I get my George one shot every 3 mths! It is so worth it. No scratching or chewing his paws! & I groom him every 2 mths& give him baths in between with Oatmeal shampoo. HE WILL BE 10 JAN 21TH 2023. BEST BOY EVER!

Author: Cory P.

Likes: 6

Oatmeal shampoo. My Shih Tzu had to use that

Author: Sharon K.

Likes: 5

I use Tropic clean puppy shampoo even though my girl is 11 years old. They make one for itchy skin as well. Love their products

Author: Debra Malicki L.

Likes: 5

I use Hartz extra gentle Oatmeal soothing dog shampoo My 2 Shitzu love it

Author: Tracey P.

Likes: 2

I use goats milk soap and it works

Author: Kelly B.

Likes: 2

Oatmeal shampoo for dogs.

Author: Cari B.

Likes: 6

My dog was terrible. Started using Douxos , orange bottle. You can get at Chewy. I gave bath every 3 days for about a month. His skin was so bad odor, Flaking, itched all hair off. He is better now, down to one bath a week.

Author: Sue O.

Likes: 1

I get shampoo from my vet. It’s called Malaket. She also has skin allergies and takes a pill everyday and get a shot every 8 weeks.

Author: Sherry Granahan S.

Likes: 0

I like the physicians brand. They have a hot spot shampoo and spray also an oatmeal shampoo

Author: Alice M.

Likes: 1

GNC oatmeal. It’s perfect for my 7 year old Shih Tzu. I follow with the same conditioner, rinse well. She loves her bath and smells wonderful to cuddle on a chilly fall morning.

Author: Joann J.

Likes: 0

Veterinary Formula Clinical care Hypoallergenic Shampoo. My shih tzu has many allergies to food and environment. This shampoo is great. Our groomer even uses it.

Author: Joyce Cress W.

Likes: 0

Oatmeal formula then after her bath we rub coconut oil all over our little girl and put a t shirt on her. Then Buffy has the zoomies around the house for a few minutes So cute

Author: Marie Elizabeth D.

Likes: 0

Veterinarian formula no tears. I had a shihtzu for a l9ng time. Baby passed this April. I used both shampoo and conditioner for years. Great on skin. Yellow bottle shampoo. Pink bottle conditioner. Amazon.

Author: Susie A.

Likes: 0

I love Dr Bronners rose soap for my dogs

Author: Nikki J.

Likes: 0

Earthbath oatmeal & aloe…Vanilla Almond

Author: Lee Ann B.

Likes: 0

Jax and Daisy, online. Great stuff, shampoo and lotion combo

Author: Traci Turk E.

Likes: 0

Burt’s bees unscented is very gentle

Author: Amy V.

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