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18 Disabled Canine Frolic Carefree On The Seaside Thanks To One Devoted Rescuer

Just because a dog has a disability doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy the pure sensory pleasure of a day by the ocean. The salt air, the cooling sea spray, the sand between their toes; what’s not to love?

This past summer, Salima (Sally) Kadaoui, founder of SFT Animal Sanctuary in Morocco, took 18 extraordinary pups on their very first field trip to the beach. With more than 500 animals in her care, Sally chose these particular pups for a reason. Each has mobility issues from injuries and abuse suffered during their time as strays.


A Day At The Beach

Most of the dogs in this special group were hit by cars driven by reckless, uncaring locals. Some have lost limbs. Others rely on wheelchairs to get around. But you’d never know it once they hit the beach! In a video shared by SFT, Sally breaks into a run as the dogs spread out around her, galloping joyfully through the sand.

One cheeky little pooch even grabs ahold of Sally’s flip-flop, giving it a playful shake before returning it on her request.


Is there anything more beautiful than watching dogs run free with the wind in their hair? These pups are survivors who have experienced pain and suffering no innocent animal should ever face. Despite their pasts, they romp and play without a care in the world. Perhaps we could all learn something from these remarkable rescue dogs.

SFT Animal Sanctuary

As a young girl growing up in Tangier, Morocco, Sally dreamed of helping the city’s overwhelming stray dog and cat populations. She saw them suffering from neglect and starvation, many sick and disabled.

In 2013, Sally began the monumental task of turning her dream into a reality. She was living with her sister in a small home with modest funding, but she was determined to make a difference. Sally began rounding up the most pitiful strays and bringing them to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any illnesses or injuries.


When the number of animals grew to more than 50, Sally moved SFT Animal Sanctuary to a 23km property outside Tangier. It’s currently home to more than 400 dogs, 120 cats, and 30 donkeys.

In addition to the animals SFT has already saved, hundreds more need their protection every year. They are working to educate the community, change attitudes, and teach love and compassion to make animal cruelty and neglect a thing of the past in Tangiers.

Help Sally continue her mission by making a donation or fostering one of the remarkable dogs of SFT.

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